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SOLD Endgame Unlinked Account with Red, Steven, and Shiny Tauros

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I want to sell my own personal play account because i dont have much time to play it anymore.
You can see some of the most important things in this account from the pics below:
- Pic1 Potential & Move Level for all of my 5* pairs, 4* & 3* are not included and if u want to see it too then u can just contact me
- Pic2 Pokemon hatched from eggs that i currently own, got shiny Tauros and the list will keep increasing each day
- Pic3 Lucky Scrolls and Lucky Cookies
- Pic4 Current 2* Gears, 1* Gears are not included in the pic. Need to grind more but sadly i just dont have time for it
- Pic5 Battle Villa completed

- I already unlock Lucky Skills for some of my most used pokemon, i still have lot of Lucky Scrolls and Cookies to use for the rest of pokemon i havent unlock the Lucky Skills yet.
- Lucky Scrolls & Cookies will keep increasing as i still doing Co-op Battle Villa everyday and Completing Hall everytime it reseted
- Fully unlock Sync Grid for some of my most used Pairs, you can also just reset the grid and unlock your prefered skills later
- Sync orb also will keep increasing, so you can use it for other pairs i havent unlock the grid yet
- All pairs level cap are maxed and i might be have enough level up manuals to max level all of them if you choose to do so.
- Main story normal is completed and around 30% for hard so you can still earn some rewards for completing hard.
- I choose Charmander for the kanto egg starter and it already maxed affinity.
- Got 4* Serena & Cobalion medals
- Missed some of the event pokemon and 4* Entei medal because i dont have time to play at the moment it released
- Currently have 32.000 gems, it might decrease or increase depend on future banners
- Since i play this on android then its prefered to transfer this account to another android so you can still use the gems
- This account is not linked so if you want to buy it please prepare a Nintendo Acount first

As long i still have time to login i will at least doing dailies, Battle Villa, and Event untill this account is sold. Might miss some events if i'm too busy though.

Price: $75

Payment via Paypal Friends and family or you can use Middleman too (buyer pay the MM fee)

If you have any other question or want to request specific screenshot you can message me here or WhatsApp for fast response
WhatsApp : +62 899 2354 000

poke1.jpg Poke2.jpg Poke3.jpg Poke4.jpg Poke5.jpg
ip hash: 7fac2b046710aaf436cddc
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