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SOLD El Chronicle [ASIA] guest acc, 5 awaken char! 221k team BP!

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Disclaimer before we start the thread :
-account is not linked with any fb/gmail acc, its using guest acc, so either you give me main/dummy fb account so i will link it or i will make my own dummy fb, link it and give it to you.
-as usual, all account that im selling is not Recommended for Beginners

now, if you are a beginner and insist to buy this account, here is the short version of my review of the game :

pros of the El Chronicle :
- beautiful anime artstyle
- arena is very relaxed, since the reward is not gem/crystal, so its not that tight of competition
- different character with different playstyle
- thicc females
- fun live boss raid with friends! play it manually or auto
- low population/player base (can be pro or cons, depends on ur perspective)

cons of the El Chronicle :
- pretty grindy (can auto tho)
- costumes are cash only, no other way to get them (althou no additional stats from costume) and they are vastly different, not just color swap. i think they are worth it
- since arena reward is not gem/crystal, its didnt give enough return for whales, lots of em quit midway, i think. due to the bad return. but hey, that means u can occupy top ranks even if u f2p (lol)

verdict : Thicc girls/10
now lets proceed to the account!!!!

1. Quick Summary
2. Screenshots
3. Contact Person
1. Quick Summary
- this account got 5 awakened character which is Grace, occasio, Leejiyoung, Isha and MaSeolin (awakening take soo much time btw, and lots of resources)
- still not unlocked all character (only gurls/waifu) unlocking characters are easy, if u like dem husbandos, u can unlock them essentially without spending anything
- (all character already accessible to unlock due to me already finishing most of the main quest)

2. Screenshots


char all.png

3. Contact Person :
Please contact me for price
you can find me by PM via EpicNPC
or add discord and become my friend :) Vende#3921 (one and only discord)
Fast reliable seller

He gave the account first, very honest and the transaction went smooth without any problem, the account is also as described, thanks!
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