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Selling Dynasty War Account High Level Great for a good Start Lvl100+


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Multiple heroes Lvl70 zgl 15/15 Lvl66 myy 15/15 Lvl60 mzl 15/15 Lvl60 lubu 15/15 Lvl60 Zf 13/15
Lvl 50 xmas xu chu Lvl50 ma chao Lvl50 hua tuo Lvl50 pang tong Lvl50 jiang wen Lvl50 zhang jiao Lvl50 Zhou yu Lvl70 warrior lord

All treasure done TH12 Max lvl fire tower ice tower thunder formation. Close to max other defence.
Account not bound to Fb.
Will pass you ngames account and email bounded to it.

Honor Peak 4012

Busy with work looking to get off my hands. Pm for more details.

Looking for 250+

Fast Deal

Account ID: 5069908