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Selling Dota 2 MMR boosting, Calibration, Battle Cup

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Tired of getting stuck in ELO hell ? Why not come try our boosting service with good price in the market

-Solo calibration only at 18$-

0-2000 3$ per 100 mmr
2000-3000 4$ per 100 mmr
3000-3500 5$ per 100 mmr
3500-4000 6$ per 100 mmr
4000-4500 7$ per 100 mmr
4500-5000 8$ per 100 mmr
5000-5300 14$ per 100 mmr
5300-5500 18$ per 100 mmr
5500-6000 24$ per 100 mmr

We do up to tier 6 battlecup too

Our boosters are all 7k mmr and above players and will do their best to get you out of elo hell
We only play SEA servers

During boosting
-do not login your account unless it is finished
- require your steam account and require you to take down steam guard
- we do not use any cheats or any third party program so your account is safe with us
- If the account gets banned during leveling, we will compensate you what ever that is left during boosting

Interested do contact me
Discord: Let Loose#2953
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