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Diablo III - Caldesan lvl up : from lvl 1 to lvl 145

Boosting, Farming, Leveling


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Players since season 1, I am an highly experienced Diablo III player with multiple records in solo and in 4 players leaderboards.
I always know what is the best meta to exp / up gems as fast as possible.

Everything below will be done by hand.

1-Powerleveling gems :

Price for one gem: empowered, (non empowered)

lvl 1-115 --> 5 (7,50€)

lvl 115-130 --> 5 (7,50€)

lvl 115-140 --> 15€ (20€)

lvl 115-145 --> 25 (30)

Why such a difference of Price ?
Because I need to pay my mates, and it's way more hard to find full group with paragon and gear for 115+ than for 1-115.

Runs for 1-115 --> I will do Rats runs
Runs for 115+ --> I will do
Meta runs

I can make a price if you want multiple gems (only for 115+)
For another demands, feel free to ask me.

2-Stuff required :

1-115 : You need to have exp barb gear : https://www.d3planner.com/462379214 with 15+ radius

115+ : You need supp barb gear : https://www.d3planner.com/990749815 with cdr on every pieces (gloves, both weapons, both rings, amulet, shoulders)

3-Keys needed for one gem :

You have to farm your own keys

1-115 : You need 30 keys if you want empowered grifts (use your gold, but then less time to deliver your gem), you need 40+ keys if you want non-empowered grifts
115-130 : 5 keys, 7 keys
115-140 : 10 keys, 14 keys

115-145 : 20 keys, 25 keys

Paiement via Paypal with Family and Friends option

Contact me via Discord : -Antoine#5302
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A very good seller. The service is so fast, we have an excellent communication, i ordered two times x 10 x powerlevel gems 145. Thanks a lot in advance :)
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