Selling Cheap W/ 5 Reflect armor soldier


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Member Since November 27, 2014
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Account lvl 114 Soldier 6 swords physical test 1 fatal test (1 w ability) GS 175k while not using much furniture
Armor of eternal light male set (1) female helm (3) male armor (1) male helm (only availible from last years new year spawn)
Lots of potential i no longer have time to play
4 helms (3 phy downs) armor up armor, phy reflect armor
2 hats magic down
Light valk Ur soulstealer 2 Apollo Ur nyx
ssr apollo helm
3 fire orb 3 water
112 legend medal
365 grand medal
44 fire medal
19 aqua medal
105 light medal
lots of aug material ^_^
Paypal only $85
Happy New Year:eek:

Contact me on messenger app Line: Usagi-chi
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