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SOLD Cheap Toram Account GG (Main and Storage) with Lots of Good Equips

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Selling via Paypal for only $30

Main account server ID 5 slot char
- BS TEC>DEX lock 2 level 181 build CF
- DS dancer level 165
- Mage LUK level 99
- BS VIT (tank) level 40
- BS DEX>STR (Katana) level 24

- storage A100
- land max with pets such as Gerumi
- spina 5m+
- orbs 11 for name change, avatar tickets 6 (main account), book of oblivion 1

Tradeable item list (some are in storage accounts):
- Hallu spore 2s venena+titeres
- 4th anniv sword a7ccc19 281+S pomie+megischamp2
- All element sub swords complete, 4th anniv sword
- 2nd anniv staff int7% int13 matk7% 154+S (Imitacia+Demon's Gate)
- Soldier arm agi7%ccc17 127+B (Mimesia+Mom Fluck)
- Knight Helmet 2s carbuncle+gespenstII
- Snowman on the Head 43+C (Wandering Wheel)
- Top Hat Unsheathe 9% 1S (GespenstII), 1S empty 51+B
- Tyrant Grievance 1S (Ancient Empress II)
- Shaved Ice Hat 1S (Gespenst II)
- Santa Beard 101+B (Dusk Machina)
- Bear Hat 1S (Dusk Machina), 1S (Twilight Dragon)
- Philosopher's Ring 1S (Golden Potum)
- Guidance Lantern (Seele Zauga)
- York's Pendant 1S (WW)
- Pirate Bandana cr20 aspd5% (WW)
- Squirrel Tail 1S (WW)
- Seashell app
- Machina Ring 2S Venena+Seele Zauga
- Adventurer Garb STR+14 DEX+14 2S (suitable for crafting)
- Holy Robe MATK%INT%7 1S Ifrid
- Aunigma 1S grand pojo
- Sakura Fan Hair Clip 1S
- Xtals: Usami, Usakichi 5, Boss Roga, Iconos, Ifrid 3, Jeila, Lalvada, Handmade Cookie, Ancient Empress, Mimesia 10, Specter of Death 2, Marchitar 2, Titeres, Odelon Machina 2, Deniala, Gwaimol, Dusk Machina, Imitacia, Imitator, Cerabes 2, Twilight Dragon, Gespenst II 2
- Lots of event items or apps ready to sell such as Takoyaki head, cool summer yukata, gerumi head, halloween items, etc
- Lots of items for refinement

Star Gems:
- Provoke Level 10
- Quick Slash Level 10
- Drop Rate Up Level 2
- Kick Level 1
- Astute Level 6
- Throwing Knight Level 1
- Holy Fist Level 1
- Morning Star Level 1
- Magic Up Level 1 x 2
- Sonic Wave Level 1
- Smash Level 1
- Bash Level 6

Untradable item list:
- proto clarity rose stat ori 292+S
- assassin's garb npc 1s (Ornlarf)
- heaven's feather garb npc 1s
- Toy Hammer
- Diver's Bowgun
- Modestia 105+C 1S
- Toy Gun 252 1S
- Aqua Shooter 1S
- Tolerancia 394+E 1S
- Curious Dress 1S
- Dress of Wish
- Yashiro Azuki's Smiley 2S (each account has 1)

Avatar (mixed but can be matched):
- 4 tops
- Lots of bottom and accessories with good stats such as P. Pierce (one bottom has ATK+2%, STR+2%, AGI+7)

Special item list:
- Extraction Crysta 2 (or more?)
- Bowgun Piercer 1
- Fairy Silk 1 (storage account)
- High-Grade Ornament 1 (storage account)
- Lots of books for leveling etc

I can give you some guidance and even my builds if you want to continue that :)

PM me your offer or for more details:
Discord: LynneSuzuran#4638

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Forgot to mention:
- EN server
- ID server with High Grade Ornament 2 and Fairy Silk 1, have Proto Clarity original status 291 NS and dress of wish, level 110+ (MQ done until Venena)
- Serverless (consignment board tax 1%)
- EN server with Pegasus Wing avatar (Sea shell app is in this account)
- JP server

Your Toram gaming experience is complete once you buy the package of accounts from me :)
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Bump, several changes:
- dark fighter bangle changed to guidance lantern d4 (seele zauga)
- these items are no longer there: beast fang tal 2s, zel shooter 2s, adv garb 2s orn+mom, takoyaki head+gespenstII
- orbs are 11 (name change available), avatar ticket 6 on main account

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I'll buy it if still avail

Discord: sleetstorm#4328

Edit: please stop contacting me if you are not OP/LynneSuzuran#4638
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