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Selling Cheap EU Battlenet acc - WoW battle for azeroth, HS and HotS.

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Multiple Accounts
Looking for 60 euro, just looking to get the money back from battle for azeroth preorder :)

I've mainly used it for HS, but since mtg arena came out - I don't play anymore.

Battle for Azeroth preordered
Account has 110 Tauren Feral druid 875 Ilvl (boosted)
2k gold.
Done the first Argus zone.
Account still has lvl 100 boost from preorder ready to use.

20+ heroes and some skins.

HS Account (Account mostly used for HS)
Wins: 580 Ranked wins / 100 Arena wins.
Total hero level: 262
Dust: 13350
Karazhan Unlocked
Skins: Medivh and Maiev unlocked
Cardbacks: Medivh and Frostmourne + 10 Ranked Cardbacks

Hunter: Creatureless spellhunter with rhok’delar / Rexxar.
Mage: Elemental mage (Also have cards for secret)
Paladin: Aggro and divine shield decks.
Rogue: Mircale and aggro
Warlock: Demon lock

Hunter Deathstalker Rexxar, Rhok'delar
Mage: Aluneth, Sindagosa, Frost Lich Jaina.
Paladin: Wickerflame Burnbristle, Bolvar, fireblood, Sunkeeper Tarim, Tirion Fordring, Uther of the Ebon blade
Rogue: Edwin vancleef, sonya shadowdancer, sherazin corpse flower, valeera the hollow.
Warlock: rin, the first disciple, bloodreaver gulÂ’dan
Neutral: bloodmage thalnos, prince keleseth, marin the fox, the lich king, alextrasza, c’thun
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