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Hello there, I see that you are looking for modern warfare account, Great.
I have account with battlepass from 3-4-5-6 lot of items from every season some of battlepasses have been fully completed.
Here is a google drive link for account pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eGSEw2aXUGGGBVyTfn73gHZr5njhz1T7?usp=sharing
Right now this is old pictures which i am sure has no problem because since then i have not played this game

Account comes with great skins,weapons,and camos i have currently not gained obsidian nor damascus but a lot of plat and gold camos.

Has a bundle purchased of a tracer pack as well purple as well as car skin bundle.

We can do middleman trade or direct trade throught [EPICNPC DOES NOT USE DISCORD] :)

price for this account is 110 $ (P.s it has Black ops 4, Diablo 3 , World of warcraft Starter edition on blizzard don't miss out good opportunity you never know whats inside)

Contact me on [EPICNPC DOES NOT USE DISCORD] Yok#2512 Please if someone contacts you throught different name or Logicallynotreal [EPICNPC DOES NOT USE DISCORD] don't answer
I will accept friend request and send you direct message by my end be wary of scammers.
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A great seller, trustworthy.

Made me feel comfortable with screenshots and even gave me the opportunity to talk via [EPICNPC DOES NOT USE DISCORD] to confirm that the Account is legit!


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