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Why do I offer my service?
- I have been working in this field for a long time
- Many regular and new customers and extensive experience in sales
- I'll sell your account faster and at a good price!
- More than 500 accounts are sold by me in WoW Private&Classic servers

Read Carefully!

If you don't understand any point, skip it and ask when you write to me, but fill in all the other points. If you don't do this and write to me I'll ignore you as I can't waste time on this, sry :(

1) Fake or Real name on battle.net? Are you the original owner?
2) Server and transfer status (server name | PvP/PvE | transfer available or on CD
3) Race | Gender | Class | specialization (it can be not only 1)
4) Mount, gold in bag, attunements, rank, professions
Gearplanner <-- click to make it
6) Is the email original or it was changed?
7) What price do you expect (It maybe not the exact value, just "~")

Optional, but desirable:
1) any screenshots
2) write what sets and rare items on the character (for example: 7/8T1, 5/8T2, 5/5ZG, DFT, SGC etc)
3) Country of account

Attention Attention Attention
I try to offer a price that suits both you and a potential buyer for your account.
My task is not to deceive you and buy super cheap, but to provide the most comfortable price tag for everyone.
I sell a lot of accounts and do it quickly. Therefore, I'll never give more for your accounts that it's worth, please, don't waste your time and mine

Depending on the price you want, the demand for your account, 2 purchase options will be offered
1) Instant buyback
Active Subscribe is required for this option because I need to check before paying

2) My help with the sale for a cut

How the help function of selling your account works:

1) Your account will not be instantly redeemed, which means that you will receive money only after I sell it, it may take 1 hour, or maybe 1 month, I am doing everything possible
2) You can sell your account separately, or play on it before selling it. But you will need to notify me that you have sold it or changed your mind so that I can withdraw it from the sale.
3) Buying an account for our clients implies instant delivery, so you must provide us with all the data in advance, including the login + password from the game account + mail (in some cases, the mail can be replaced).

I understand the importance of account and security to the player. You decide whether to trust or not. However, I am verified on many popular forums (This means that the owners of forums or markets store my personal data, including passport and addresses of payment accounts) and markets, I also have our own website where you can see reviews of work.

Your account has been sold, what's next?
I notify you about this in two stages (usually they both happen within 15 minutes)
The first stage is when the client decided to buy your account, and we received payment for it
The second stage is when the client has checked the account and confirmed that your account is in the state in which it was put up for sale
Immediately after the second stage, you can receive payment for your account (I usually pay instantly within two minutes)

A convenient payment method for you has discussed in advance

Payment options: PayPal, Skrill, BTC, WebMoney, Visa & Mastercard transfer
(If you didn't found a convenient payment method for you, contact me and I'll try to find a solution)

DISCORD: Lmaqola#0888
Skype: MMOFACTORY <-- Click
Telegram: +7 913 675 8064 <-- Click
WhatsApp: +7 913 675 8064 <-- Click
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