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SOLD Black Alistar, Silver Kayle, pax TF, King Rammus, rusty blitzcranck & more



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PM me on discord at dreamer#9207 for offers and further information regarding the account.

The asking price is 900 Euros (that's roughly just Black Alistar + PAX Twisted Fate skins, the rest being a nice bonus) but even so this is negotiable. I accept PayPal, Western Union and cripto. Don't hesitate in contacting me.

As I stated in the title, I'm selling this lvl 32, unranked LOL account (first and only owner) on the EUW server which has the following skins, as you will also be shown in the pictures below:

The main reason you are reading this post (this might be your once in a lifetime chance to get an account like this):
Black Alistar
Silver Kayle
Rusty Blitzcrank
Championship Riven
Urf The Manatee
King Rammus
Grey Warwick
Pax Twisted Fate
Pax Jax
Pax Sivir
Full Metal Rammus
Young Ryze
Ufo Corki
Judgement Kayle
Riot Squad Singed
Medieval Twitch

Riot Graves
Riot Blitzcrank
Riot Kayle
Riot K-9 Nasus
Exiled Morgana

Headless Hecarim
Championship Kalista
Championship Thresh

Championship Shyvana

Primetime Draven

Spirit Guard Udyr

Queen Ashe
Draven Draven
Santa Gragas
Traditional Karma
Sonoran Kog'Maw
Riot Girl Tristana
Unchained Alistar
Traditional Sejuani
Silent Night Sona
Traditional Trundle
Big Bad Warwick

Epic skins:
Headhunter Akali
Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol
Santa Draven (also legacy)
Arcade Hecarim
SKt T1 Jhin
Slayer Jinx
Dragonslayer Pantheon
Arcade Sona
Dragon Sorceress Zyra

Sashimi Akali
Festival Queen Aniva
Marauder Ashe
Beast Hunter Draven
Gladiator Draven
Dreadknight Garen
Boneclaw Shyvana
Blood Moon Thresh
Aristocrat Vayne

This is just to make an idea of how much the account's worth is, but keep in mind that those prices assume only 1 of each skin on the account, not the whole package, as I am offering it, and also there aren't that many sellers of accounts including these specific skins nowadays, so the prices might be even higher than depicted as follows:

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