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Selling BIG B.net account - Mainly WoW account - 8x lvl 120 + 5x lvl 110-119 (13 chara



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Hello! I am looking to sell my very own, never shared, single owned Battle.net account (complete) I have a many different games on it.

Sorry to be such a nutjob, I can't figure out how to correctly imbue the images here, so I'll link a google drive folder with all the relevant pictures. - Update your browser to use Google Drive - Google Drive Help

I labeled each picture with a number and will refference it in the text below.

Let's start off with World of Warcraft.

As you can see in pictures 18 to 32 as well as picture 41 I have a lot of characters with decent item level. Great WoW account for anyone who'd like to have variety in their class choice.

I have the BFA Gladiator mount and currently sitting at rating 2550 in 3v3 on my monk (until season ends)

I have active gametime on my WoW account until 8th february.

I have around 100k gold on the realm, with items worth around another 100-150k, if you're willing to sell them. See picture #32 - You can sell my pets as well, the tradeable ones, that will cash you in another, I think 50-100k gold

I play only HORDE now, but I have some DELETED characters on Outland, stormscale, kazzak and Argent dawn that are level 100+ (outland 110) with a mix of alliance and Horde. My 15 day Undelete timer is reset, so you can go ahead and undelete one character upon trade if you wish.

Below I'll list all the useful or fun items that I have collected.

Mounts that matters

MOP CM Pheonixes
Ashhide Mushan Beast
WoD Challange mount Yeti
Core hound - event mount
Crimson DeathCharger
Darkmoon Dancing Bear
Depleted-Kyparium Rocket
The collectors edition - WoD & MoP

Store mounts - Zhu-Zen, The Devivine Sentinel - Luminous Starseeker - Mystic Runesaber -
Enchanted Fey Dragon - Winged Guardian - Heart of the Aspects - Swift Windsteed

Geosynchronous World Spinner
Grand Expedition Yak
Grove Warden
Headless Horseman's Mount
Jeweled Onyx Panther
Kor'Kron War Wolf
Obsidian Nightwing
Orgrimmar Interceptor - blizzcon ticket 2017
the honor mounts up to level 100
Sandstone Drake (Vial of the sands)
Sky Golem
Steelbound Devourer (green version core hound)
Poseidus mount (underwater)
Swift Brewfest Ram
swift Lovebird, Forest Strider & Springstrider
Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent (Alani mount)
Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
Turbo-Charged Flying machine (and the lower version)
Undercity Plaguebat
Vicious War Clefthoof
Violet Spellwing
Warlord's Deathweel
X-53 Touring Rocket
Chauffeured Mechano-hog
Wooly White Rhino (image #23)

and more! (198 total)


I have 182 total pets.

Vanity pets are here:

Baby Blizzard Bear (wow's 4th anniversery)
Frosty (Wotlk collectors edition)
Spirit of competition (event from 2008 )
The pets from blizzards other games collectors editions (see pictures for list of CE i own)
Lil' XT (store pet)
Molten Corgi (wow's 10th anniversery)
Mr. Chilly

List of vanity items I have on my account

Epic purple shirt (on my level 120 druid)
tabard of the Lightbringer (on my level 120 druid) can be used as transmog
Sulfaras hand of ragnaross (on my level 120 druid)
MOP legendary cloaks for all specializations (on my level 120 druid)
Legion legendaries x8 (on my level 120 druid)

I have 120/530 toys

Some of them are:

Imp in a Ball
Dark Portal (cool visual heartstone)
Fishing Chair
Goblin Gumbo Kettie
Loot-a-rang (40 yard looting with engineer level 1)
Picnic Basket
Sack of Starfish
All the flightpath unlock for new character (alliance and horde)
War Party Hitching Post (+ the alliance one)
Orgirmmar Hero's War Banner
Path of Elothir
Selfie cam
Tome of Town Portal (diablo event item)
Twelve string guitar (music item from diablo event)

I have 35 titles (not counting the pvp titles from bfa)

Titles such as :

<name> of the horde
<name> the proven healer, defender & assailant
<name> the undaunted
Elder <Name>
<name> champion of the frozen wastes
<name> the fabulous

I have 82/101 hierlooms, all upgraded to level 110.

I have the MoP Siege of orgrimmar weapons as well as the WoD trinkets dungeon for DPS and tanks

I have many different transmog items

items worth mentioning are

Crown of woe (Molten core helmet for any armor type)
Jewel of the Firelord (store transmog)
Mistdance set for Monks (Basic monk transmog)
Shaman and druid CM MOP sets
WoD weapons - I have them all.
Warmantle of the Horde/alliance
Spellfire Longsword
Blade of Wizardry
Gleaming Quel'Serrar
Replica staff of guldan + the other event weapons , alliance versions as well (log in during the premier of the warcraft movie)
Exodar Life-staff
I have the hidden legion artifact apperances.
Stinkrot smasher (wiggly fish from island expeditions)

A lot of pvp transmog because I get so many marks of honor

Competitor's Tabard
Demonic Gladiator's Tabard
Tabard of the Lightbringer
Dread Gladiator's Tabard
tabard of Kirin Tor
Tabard of the EBon Blade
Tabard of the Argent Crusade
Tabard of the achiever
Tabard of the explorer
Tabard of the protector
Tabard of the summer flames / skies
Tabard of the Wyrmrest accord
Legion 2.4k weapon pvp enchant
BFA 2.1k weapon pvp enchant

Nightmare enchant from Xavius (big)
Avalance enchant (big frozen enchant)

As for achivements, see picture #41.
I completed the proving grounds in MOP up to 30 waves on each specialization.


If you look at the pictures 1-17, I have Overwatch origin edition, Starcraft 2 collector's editions + expansions, diablo3 collector's editions + expansions, heartstone with the golden mekka card, warcraft3 (old versions) as well as destiny 2 collectors edition. I have completed the first story on it, see image #39.

Overwatch is a Bronze account, 1000-1500 ranked in most seasons, I've played them all. Good smurf account I guess? I haven't done the new placement games.

Diablo 3 has a few characters, see image #33


As I've mainly played WoW on this account, that's where all my vanity items are.

I have, as you can see in picture #1 , 5 different licenses of accounts for EU and one license for US (all with expansions up to legion, with the exception of my BFA account)


As for price I don't have a clue what this account can be worth. As it's my own account that I played since vanilla, and I never sold a WoW account before, only my OSRS account. But I do know a scam offer when I see it.

If you're interested please contact me over at DISCORD Niclas#5204 with your offer.

Upon trade I will give you the answers to my personal questions as well as a picture of my ID so you can get in contact with Blizzard for future inquiries that you might have.

I accept Paypal or bank transfer, and will only give the account once I see the money on my account.

I can even record myself and send you the file saying that I aproved your trade offer and will never try to recover the account, if the deal is alright.

If you have any questions or want more screenshots, please leave a comment below or simply add me on Discord and we can chat further.

plus, I want to add that the account never has been banned, not even temporary. So it's in good stands with Blizzard =)
ip hash: 297e3017ffb1a6b6668a38