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Selling Atlas powerleveling/ships



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1-30(takes up to 24 hours) - 100$
1-40(takes up to 35 hours) - 180$
1-51(takes up to 48 hours)- 300$

Sloop -50$ (takes up to 24 hours)
Schooner - 200$ (takes up to 35 hours)
Brigantine -300$ (takes up to 48 hours)
Galleon - 1500$(PVE servers only, takes up to 400 hours)

Pls note:
1. You need to have enough skill point to unlock ships and sails you want to. You can also purshase powerleveling if you dont have some.
2. Im not Building a ship, im just harvesting resources and crafting ship details. and stacking it in you stash box on island or raft at location where you character is(freeport or lawless region).
If you have a builded shipyard i can build core ship.

This is ammount of details for each ship:
Small Wood Ship Deck -x1, Small Wooden Plank - x12, Ship Steering Wheel - x1, Small Sails - x2
Medium Wood Ship Deck - x2, Medium Wooden Plank - x28, Ship Steering Wheel - x1, Medium Sails - x2 (Building all gunports will cost 50$ more)
Medium Wood Ship Deck - x3, Medium Wooden Plank - x40, Ship Steering Wheel - x1, Large Sails - x3 (Building all gunports will cost 100$ more)
Large Wood Ship Deck - x6, Large Wood Plank - x74, Ship Steering Wheel -x1, Large Sails - x5(Building all gunports will cost 800$ more)

3. You need to send a freeport or lawless region location where you want me to stash all details.

How its working:

1. You have to pay via possible payment methods.
2. After payment complete, you have to provide your steam account username and password via skype or PA private msg, on my login attemp - send me a code from steam.
3. Do not log-in until powerleveling or ship details building is comlete.

Payment methods:

contact me via Skype if you have any questions or offers

ip hash: da7ff7fa3a7626e21e1184