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Selling Apex Legends Account, 110 lvl battle pass

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Multiple Accounts
Battle pass level - 110
Crafting Metals - 1400
Legend Tokens - 33000
Apex Coins - 1050
All Legends

Legends skins

Bloodhound - Master of the hunt, Neural net (epic)
- Tight rope, Life cycle (rare)
- Flamingo, Evergreen (common)

Gibraltar - Volcanic, Woodland warfare, Sizzle reel (rare)

Lifeline - Revolutionary, Tie Dye, Sizzle reel (rare)
- Vino (common)

Pathfinder - Warlord (rare)

Octane - Messenger (rare)

Wraith - Night Terror (legendary)
- High Frequency, Perfect Storm, Survivor (rare)
- Midnight, Orchid (common)

Bangalore - Stained Glass, Disruptor

Caustic - Neural Net (epic)
- Snakeskin (rare)

Mirage - Outlaw (rare)

Weapon skins

Flatline - Break the enemy (epic)
- Outback, Sweet 16, Jungle Frenzy, Navigator (rare)

Hemlok - Cold Wave, Ice Breaker, Patchwork (rare)

R-301 - Honored prey (legendary)
- Clockwork, Slither, Harvest (rare)

Havoc - The Golden Idol, The Silver Storm (legendary)
- Patchwork (rare)
- Orchid (common)

Alternator - Paper trail, Cold Wave, Patchwork (rare)
- Oceanic (common)

Prowler - Code of Honor, Thrill of the Hunt (epic)
- Cold Fusion, Skyrise, Navigator (rare)

R-99 - Harvest (rare)
- Yellowjacket (common)

Devotion - Off the Grid (epic)
- Envy, Harvest (rare)

Spitfire - Patchwork,Headgames (rare)

Longbow - Yellow Snake, Sweet 16, Navigator, Triumphant Arch (rare)
- Rainforest, Clover, Oceanic (common)

G7-Scout - Cold Justice (legendary)
- Digital Afterimage, Patchwork, The Wolfpack (rare)
- Evergreen, Bengal, Yellowjacket (common)

Kraber - Kaleidoscope, Rock Bed, Harvest (rare)

Triple take - Tamed Beast (legendary)
- Coral reef, Morning Dew, Harvest (rare)
- Yellowjacket (common)

Eva-8 Auto - The fire Breather (legendary)
- Solar Flare, Cold Wave, Patchwork (rare)

Mastiff - Eye of the Storm (epic)
- Carnivale, Headgames, Patchwork (rare)

Mozambique - Brother of the Blade (legendary)
- Navigator (rare)

Peacekeeper - The Superstar (legendary)
- Warlord, Harvest (rare)

Re-45 - The Predator (legendary)
- Wildlands, Patchwork (rare)

P2020 - Shockwave, Solstice, Nile, Coral reel, Harvest (rare)
- Orchid (common)

Wingman - Thermal Rise (legendary)
- Navigator (rare)
- Oceanic, Midnight (common)


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