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Selling [All Server] Legit Saoif Farming Service : Level, Col, Skill Exp, Event Point


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Don't have time to grind all those Exp, Materials, Col? Need a safe farming service?

I'm offering my own farming service for anyone who in needs of one with 100% safe as my feedback reflect. All farming is done by hands.

No mods, Hacks involved. Simply pick a service with the amount you want and contact me, I will start to farm right away when payment is received.

I can farm all Server including En1 & En2 , Taiwan , Korea
so you don't have to worry about Server!

Estimated Time Done: 1 - 4 days. Account atleast level 50+

Contact info at the end of post.

Want a Starter Account? Visit main thread for more accounts: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/128...Accounts-Xmas-Sachi-candy-Yuuki-2-4*-amp-More

[SIZE=+3]Leveling Service[/SIZE]
Estimasted delivery time: 1 - 6 day.

Level 1 -> 50 = $25
Level 50 -> 72 = $45
Summer Event

Estimasted delivery time: 2 - 3 days. Requirements: Character At least Level 50 with Armor & Weapon ready

Entire Event Shop ~ 26500 Water Melon = $17
Half of Event Shop ~ 13500 Water Melon = $10[SIZE=+3]

Col + Power Leveling + High End Marterials Bonus: High Red/Green/Blue,Yellow Jewel

Estimasted delivery time: 1 - 4 day. Requirements: Character At least Level 50 with Armor & Weapon ready,
In the process, you will gain lots exp. If your character level is 50 and chose the 2 millions package, you will free leveling from 50 to 70 with lots of High End Materials.

1 million Col = $15 (If you Level 50 - 60, you will be level 65 when done) More Than 50 of each High Jewels Bonus
2 million Col = $27 (If you Level 50 - 60, you will be level 70 when done)
More Than 100 of each High Jewels Bonus
3 million Col = $40
4 million Col = $50

[SIZE=+3]Skills & Equipment EXP. Record Frame M & Glare Rigid Stone + Bonus Weapon Mastery (Extremely hard to farm)[/SIZE]
Estimasted delivery time: 1 - 4 day. Requirements: Character At least Level 30 with Armor & Weapon ready,

500 Record Frame M + 500 Glare Regid Stone Bonus + 1 -> 8 Any Weapon Mastery Bonus = $10 (Enough for 4 Max Lv 70 skills)
1000 Record Frame M + 1000 Glare Regid Stone Bonus + 1 -> 11 Any Weapon Mastery Bonus = $18 (Enough for 9 Max Lv 70 skills)
1500 Record Frame M + 1500 Glare Regid Stone Bonus + 1 -> 13 Any Weapon Mastery Bonus = $27 (Enough for 14 Max Lv 70 skills)
2000 Record Frame M + 2000 Glare Regid Stone Bonus + 1 -> 15 Any Weapon Mastery Bonus = $35 (Enough for 18+ Max Lv 70 skills)

[SIZE=+3]Weapon Mastery[/SIZE]
Estimasted delivery time: 2 - 5 day. Requirements: Character At least Level 50 with Armor & Weapon ready,

Any Weapon Mastery Level 1 -> 15 = $30
Any Weapon Mastery Level 15 -> 30 = $50
Full Weapon Mastery Level 1 -> 30 = $70

[SIZE=+3]More Services will come in future[/SIZE]

All Payments via Paypal.
If you don't have paypal for some reasons, I will provide other payment methods for you.

I will be available almost all the time 18 hours/day from 9 pm - 3 pm EST, 6 pm - 1 pm PST. If you can't get in touch with me instantly on Skype - live:moseiric , Discord: SetsunaEpic#6279, leave me a message on Forum.

Add me on:

Discord: SetsunaEpic#6279
Line: setsunaepic (All lowercase)
Kik: SetsunaEpic
[/SIZE]Skype: live:moseiric - SetsunaEpic

Somebody trying to use my name is scam People. Please be Aware. PLEASE MESSAGE ME ON EPICNPC FOR VERIFICATION FIRST. He took the live:setsunaepic and my profile picture to scam.

My real Skype should be live:moseiric. If you see 2 or more SetsunaEpic. Please ask both to verify on Epicnpc Forum. I'm a Trusted Seller. I'm happy to bring Joy to you gaming experience

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Added you on discord. Really interested in the ultimate set. Name is riazen.
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Reason - scammer jordin7867867
just added getback to me
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