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SOLD Account 14UX, 94EX, 113R / 969 Gems, 1.73M Coins, 9150 Material / Rank 2967


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The gems displayed in most screenshots is not correct, the account currently has 969 Gems.
Additionals which are not displayed in the screenshots:
- New Pikachu Mask and hairstyle
- 1x Honchkrow figure
- 1x Alolan Sandshrew figure
- 1x Alolan Sandslash figure

Hello guys,

So I'm putting my Pokemon Duel account up for sale because the game is no longer being supported in my country
starting from January 2019.
I've put alot of money and dedication into building up this account and I find it unfortunate that I have to sell it.

Screenshot_20190109-130755_Pokémon Duel-min.jpg

The account currently has 443 Figures in total (including duplicates)
- 14 UX / 94 EX / 113 R.
- 969 Gems to buy plenty of boosters with
- 9150 materials which can be used to buy pokemon of your liking
- 1,730,000 coins for plenty of fusions
- quite a few limited pokemon and masks from timed events
- plenty of cubes & ingots for upgrading pokemon

- 25 Trophies
In total I have spent about $150-$200 on the account and I'm looking to get half for it back.

For a full list of account details please refer to the attached screenshots on the link down below.

>>>>> <<<<<

If you have any more questions related about the account or payment methods feel free to message me or leave
a reply in the thread
(middleman preferred to ensure a safe purchase)
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