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Selling 80 MMR Dota account| 3.87 USD in wallet | 6 games | account value $94.87

Amount of Games
1+ Games
5 Years
4   0   0
Multiple Accounts
Price is 34.99 USD.



There is 277.35 Russian Ruble (3.87 USD) in the Steam Wallet.

There are no bans on the account.

Most of the cost is from Dota. The MMR of this account is extremely rare and the behaviour score is the best possible. The matchmaking rating of this account is essentially the lowest possible, meaning you will literally face the worst possible opponents in the game. This let's you:
  • win almost every game with little effort
  • achieve 20+ kills every game
  • get Rampages easily (wiping an entire enemy team)
This account is essentially smurf heaven and let's you stomp every game.

There are also 138 Dota items in the inventory.

The account comes from a free virtual phone number for Dota matchmaking. You can remove it any time.

Payment methods
  • Paypal
  • Transferwise
  • Bank transfer (mention your currency when messaging me)
  • Bitcoin (+0.5%)
  • Steam gift cards (your gift card is valued at 65%); Use https://store.steampowered.com/digitalgiftcards/selectgiftcard or send me a gift card you bought from a store
  • Steam items (your item is valued at 65% of the lowest price on the Steam Community Market)
The + is an extra cost associated with using the payment method. For example, +5% means you pay 5% extra.

How to buy
  1. Message me with the account you want to buy and your payment method. This can speed up the process by up to a day if our time zones are greatly different. This is my time zone.
  2. I will send you instructions
  3. Pay
  4. You will receive the account details as soon as I confirm the payment. I will give you the Steam Guard code to change the email. Once you do, you can change everything else (password, phone number, and etc.). If we are not online at the same time, I will give you the account's email address and password, so you can get the Steam Guard code.
Contact me if you need more details on the account.
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