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Selling 60 Priest US Server | 3pc T1/2pc T2 | Epic Mount | Next in Line for Bene

North America


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300 TradeSkills, bank alt with junk and enchanter alt for Disenchanting with a ton of materials. All you need to get rolling on a geared priest with raid spot on a medium population server with no queue. I've leveled and played this account personally and the priest has a great name on the server and never lacks for a group to run any dungeon.

6 months game time remaining.

Cauterizing Bank/Band of Sulfuras with 2pc tier 2 and 3pc tier 1 currently and prebis for every slot to swap gear out situationally. Has eye of shadow in bank and ready for eye to finish Benediction/Anathema quest.

EDIT: Undead Priest on Earthfury server. Although, for some strange reason, free transfer is available to either Loatheb (Latin America) or Sul'thraze (Brazil) as well.

PM me your discord if you are interested and I'll send you an invite.

Unbuffed Stats - Can get up to 700 + heals but using more stam gear atm for PvP.

Full shadow set from Strat/Scholo/set gear as well.

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