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SOLD 6.0 Ready Endgame Account (Past NiM/Master Titles, Mounts, Armor Shells & more


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I am the original owner and have been since the game launched. The account is currently on Preferred status.

Account has 25 characters on Satele Shan, 7 of which are level 70. The main toon I used was a sniper which is Nightmare ready geared in 252 item level armoring/mod/enhances. I also have a gunslinger at lvl 70 which shares legacy gear with the sniper. Crafting on these two toons is max biochem and synthweaving for the future. The character also has past NiM titles like Deposer, Conquerer, as well as 2.0 Dread Master and Gate Crasher, as well as the Wings and Grobthok mounts along with other NiM mounts, sniper also has Crest of the Dread Master. There is also a Marauder which is geared in mostly 246 gear. Also there are S3 PvP weapons (the furious ones) and some titles on different characters from S1. There are about ~10 million credits scattered across all toons with another 30-40 million in end game crafting materials which will be used in 6.0 crafting.

Please PM if you have any questions or want proof of what is listed above. I will reply ASAP, feel free to send your discord name and # and I can reach out on there.
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