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Selling 50% sale off Mew, 6IV Ditto, Ultra Shiny 6IV, Max EVs Pokemon for $1


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Ditto Foreign 6IV - $1
6IV shiny japan ditto
30 Ditto for trading ( Ultra Shiny, level 100, 6IV, From Japan) - $12

Zacian- Zamazenta-Eternatus and Mew - $1
level 100, 6IV, Max EVs

Held item
Zacian sword Zamazenta Shield
Mew/Etrenatus Flame orb
Ordered Pokemon can remind all moves they can have by Move Reminder

Premade POKEMON for ranked battles - $1

Choose any pokemon in the box include Zacian, Zamazenta and Mew
All Pokemons have 6IV, Max EVs and level 100
Some SpA Pokemon and Special Pokemon has 5IV or 4IV EVs because it is better for battles
they're all Ultra shiny and you can choose shiny or non-shiny if you want
Pokemon's Current moves, item and EVs set based on top ranked player
Ordered Pokemon can remind all moves they can have by Move Reminder
take it for $1

One Box(30 pokemon you choose) - $15



30 Mew for trading (level 100, 6IV, timid, Max EVs, held item - master ball) - $12
30 Ultra Shiny & Shiny Eevee with Master ball - $12
Ultra Shiny Gigantamax pokemon - $1
24 Ultra Shiny Gigantamax pokemon - $10

you can choose Ultra shiny / shiny / normal

Custom POKEMON - $2.5
pokemon name :
ball type :
Level : 100lv if u do not mention
shiny : Normal , shiny , Ultra shiny
Held Item :
Nature :
Ability :
EVs: HP / Def / Atk / SpA / Spd / Spe
Current Moves :
IVs: 6IV if u do not mention

Ordered Pokemon can remind all moves they can have by Move Reminder

Accepted Payment Paypal
please contact My Discord s1sdgq#2616 or pm me if you want to buy


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Fast, easy, very nice and kind human being. PolarisT was able to deliver my order as soon as I sent my order. Seller gave me two amazing pokemons as a bonus! Would recommend to everyone.
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