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SOLD 45$ - 106 EX / 39 UX + dupes( open to offers)

Mobile OS
Android, IOS
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United Kingdom
Multiple Accounts
I have been playing this game pretty much since it launched in the EU appstore and put a lot of time and money into my account, i have 39 Unique UX and 106 Unique EX.

( By unique i mean not including duplicate figures, i have loads of copies of multiple EX and UX as you can see from the pics. Way over 200 EX/UX)

I have a ton of figures to build fully themed meta decks including;

Ice - 3x kyurem and alolan vulpix/ ninetale.

Ghost - Marshadow, New banette / mega banette and double drifblim.

Grass - 2x Lurantis, mega sceptile, tapu bulu.

Rush deck - Poipole, Celebi, Deo Speed, Zoroark, gengar / mega gengar and both Keldeo forms. ( My current deck)

Full ultra beast deck with Celesteela, 3x Pheramosa, Poipole, 3x Nihilego, Buzzwole, 3x Xurkitree and Necrozoma.

2 Haxorus and Rayquaza

And many more!!

I have figures at level 10 and lots of chain levelled figures including lvl 10 clvl 10 lunala.

Also have most of the event figures including Alolan forms, Rotom forms and Shinies.
Nearly every R/EX and many Ux!

Asking price is 67 USD as this account is loaded with so many figures (old and new) and all the deck combinations plus rare figures also currently in top 3k monthly rankings with around 3200 ELO.

This account is built to last with so much potential!

open to offers but close to asking price please!! Message me for more info!

Account also includes CELEBI - inclusive figure only to members who purchase the player pass!


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