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Selling 44,4m - VIP 12 - 10m3 troop- Near T5 - Max Richard and Aethef -750$

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Hey Guys,

I’m selling my personal RoK account, as I have no more time to play.
Account power is 44.4 million , VIP12, around 60k gems unused, in a 8,5 bil alliance with gift lvl 27.
T4 - 2.3 Mil. Approx
Close to T5, enough speed-ups to unlock[ Economy Tech complete ].

Decent amount of commanders(20 legendary commanders + All rest) and 10 passport pages (enough silver to get one more from the Alliance shop).

Legendaries Expertised:

Richard (60) 5/5/5/5
Aethlflaed (60) 5/5/5/5
Alexander (60) 5/5/1/1
CaoCao (60) 5/3/1/5
Karl Martel (54) 5/5/2/2
Cleopatra VII
Julius Caesar
El Cid 5/5/1/1
Yi Seong-Gye 5/5/1/1
Frederick 5/5/1/1

Sondock 5/5/1
Ishida 5/3

Minamoto no Yoshitsune , Mehmed II , Constantine I, Ghenghis Khan, WU Zetain, Takeda, Charlemagne unlocked
+ 70 Universal Golden Sculptures;
All epics expertised

  • 60K+ Gems;
  • 500M+ Food;
  • 750M+ Wood;
  • 400M+ Stone;
  • 200M+ Gold;

Speed-ups 225+ days of speed-ups;
If you wish to get more details and/or screenshots add me on discord:


ip hash: 1150daa41466b6e1794b1a