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SOLD $30 Account - Red/Steven + Mew/Mewtwo/Solgaleo/Ho-Oh + 7 5*

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Mobile OS
Android, IOS
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Multiple Accounts
- Account has no gems so the save data can be transferred to both android or ios device
- Save data is linked to a Nintendo account but the account is disposable and you'll receive the nintendo account as part of your purchase.
- PM me here if you're interested in buying. I DON'T HAVE DISCORD
- Payment via PayPal (family and friends) preferred but payment through Trade Guardian is accepted as well

Story up till chapter 20 both normal and hard mode completed
68 sync pairs

Mew sync move 4/5
Mewtwo sync move 2/5
Solgaleo sync move 2/5
Account has 3* - 5* sync move candies so you can raise any of you pairs' sync move
Eg. Raise Red sync move level 1 to 2

Red, Sabrina and Rosa sync grids are partially gridded

12 5* sync pairs (2 Pokefair + 3 Legendaries + 3 Gacha + 4 Story)



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