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$20 Super Cheap Starter Account - 9UX, 15 EX - +Celebi, Mega Absol


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UX: Darkrai, Mega Alakazam, Mega Rayqueza, Mega Lucario, Shaymin (sky form), Mega Banette, Mega Sableye, Mega Absol

EX: Alakazam, Absol, 2xBanette, 2xMarshadow, Shaymin (land form), Zoroark, Lucario, Gardavoir, Suicune, Blazikin

Other notable figures: Fracture, Kadabra, Abra, Sableye, Mandibuzz, Scrafty, Poliwrath

Quitting the game for good this time (my 3rd attempt). This account includes figures previously only available through Battle Pass purchase, a 17.99 value (I'm only selling this account for less than $21) - but also includes additional figures than you would be able to get rather than the 10 choices. I also have done the legwork of leveling and carmoniting many of the figures for you, as well as having close to 5k materials to pick any figure you want down the road.

Great starter account where a lot of work has already been done for you.

I will e-mail you account transfer information within 1-2 days of purchase. I have been a reliable seller on eBay for many years and have sold accounts previously with 100% satisfaction.
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