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SOLD 2 Beast global accounts with ML Tene,Vildred and Luna very Cheap! lf Paypal

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Epic Seven Global account with spect tene and other good ml chara! :
Nat *5 Cecilia,Vildred,Yuna,Sez,Aramintha,Chloe,Tamarine,Zeno,Spect tenebria(ML)

Notable 4 stars: Achates,Armin,Cidd,Rise,Schuri,Blood Blade karin,Assasin cartuja

ML Summons: Spect Tene,Blood Blade Karin,Assasin Cartuja,Guider Aither,General Purgis,Axe god,Commender Lorina,requim,celeste,elson

SC:Commender Lorina and Axe God

Server: Global
Name changeable: Good English Name
Stove Unverified: can change email

Price $90 Paypal (F&F) SOLD

Epic Seven Global ML Vildred
Nat *5 Iseria,Ken,Luna,Krau,Arbiter Vildred(ML)
Notable 4 stars: Corvus,Dingo and surin

ML Summons: Arbiter Vildred

Server: Global
Name changeable: English name
Stove Unverified: can change email

Price $45 Paypal (F&F) SOLD

Epic Seven Global account with Zeno(SSS),Destina,Violet,Bellona,Luna and Ravi

Nat *5 Luna,Zeno,Bellonax2,Destina,Violet,Ravi

Notable 4 stars: Achates,Armin,Cidd,Rise

ML Summons: Requiemroar,Otillie,Gloomyrain,gunther

Falconer Kluri
Lorina - SC almost complete
Hazel - SC almost complete
Roozid - SC at 0%

Server: Global
Name changeable: Yes
Stove Unverified: can change email

Price $40 Paypal (F&F) SOLD

1. My ONLY Discord is Robinsonnn#1582 Please look up the code!
2. I only Sale my account on Reddit,Epicnpc and discord no other web or chat platform!
3. The only account im selling is the account that im listing. i dont do request or anything!
4. I dont reserve account more than 2 days! so be paypal ready!
5. I only do Paypal as payment method!
6. Buyer Cover the mm fees if needed

please contact me through discord for fast respond Robinsonnn#1582
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This was my first time purchase and I wasn't sure about how to approach doing a transaction like this, but the seller was extremely patient, kind, and helpful! Someone I would absolutely buy from again!
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