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Selling 2 accounts for sale, would suit raider as an alt account

GW Account


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Multiple Accounts
  • North American server (Jade Quarry) ~~~~~SOLD~~~~

  • European server (Gunnar's Hold) ~~~ available~~~
  • HoT and PoF expansions, LS season 3 and 4 episodes all unlocked (no LS s2). 4 base mounts only (no griffon, no beetle). Mastery more or less maxed up to (but not including) season 4.
  • 7 char slots, 7x level 80 characters (all classes except thief and warrior), most have both expansion specs unlocked. Characters have several exotic sets and 4(ish) ascended armour sets between them (viper, minstrel and harrier stats) including light minstrel Envoy set.
  • 303 legendary insights, ~550 laurels, ~3,500 magnetite shards, ~80 gaeting crystals, ~290 pristine fractal relics, ~4,800 AP
  • Account Value (as per gw2efficiency): 6,300g (4,500g excl. gemstore items) 280 g liquid and 290 g of mats
  • fractal level 81, including 1 light set of armour with 150 AR (viper mirage)
  • 3 bank tabs which contain: 12 asc weapons/boxes, 6 asc trinkets, 1 asc armour box, 2 x raiders sustenance + util boxes, several insignia/inscription boxes.
  • 2 shared inventory slots, inc Copper Fed Salvage O Matic
  • All encounters in wings 1-4 complete plus Soulless Horror, some CMs/achievements.
  • No crafting
  • No Commander tag
Price:$40 USD (approx 55 AUD/35 Euro) sendable by paypal .Can throw in in-game gold of up to 2K if requested (at a slight additional cost).

message here, on discord: red#6308 or email [email protected]
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