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Selling 15k Achievement | Realm Firsts | Invincible| 90 Holy Paladin


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Hello there epicnpc! I have become bored of WoW and am leaving for college in August, so looking to sell my wow account. I am not the OO, I am the second owner, however I do have an ID Scan, and all info. This is an amazing account, and not in a huge rush to sell it. I want to make sure we have a smooth transaction and it goes to someone that will really take care of the account. Fairly new to making threads so please excuse me if its a sloppy post. Anyways onto the account.

The Account:

Over 15000 Achievements!

90 Holy Paladin - ilvl 481 PVE and full PVP Holy Set w/ 480 Ret Offspec
85 Druid, 83 Rogue, full BoA low level mage.

Notable Titles:
The Undying (Unobtainable)
The Grand Crusader (Server First)
Bloodsail Admiral
The Insane
Hand of Adal (Unobtainable)
the Seeker
the Exalted
Argent Champion
+ More!
Over 50 Titles in Total!

Noteworthy Mounts:
Swift Razzashi Raptor (No Longer Obtainable)
Crusader's Black Warhorse (No Longer Obtainable, Extremely Rare)
Magic Rooster (TCG, A Giant Rooster = Awesome)
Plagued Proto Drake (No Longer Obtainable)
Swift Alliance Steed (No Longer Obtainable)
Amani War Bear (No Longer Obtainable)
Grand Expedition Yak (120k Gold Mount)
Drake of the East Wind
Winterspring Tiger
Rivendare's Deathcharger
Raven Lord
Swift Zherva (No Longer Obtainable)
X-53 Touring Rocket (No Longer Obtainable)
Swift White Hawkstrider
+Many More!

Awesome Pets:
Frosty (Wotlk Collector's Edition)
Murkablo (2011 Blizzcon)
Bannanas (TCG)
Hippogryph Hatchling (TCG)consid
Spirit of Competition (2008 Olympics)
Vampiric Hatchling (Halloween 2009)
+ So many more pets I couldn't count

I am going to take offers for the account Paypal is preferred payment method but other methods are definetly viable as well! There is so many more cool things about this account for one to discover. It is truly an Amazing Account, so please do not send me lowball offers. If you have no reputation I will not go first and you will not get ID scan until after payment is beyond recall. If you have a considerable amount of reputation I will go first without a problem otherwise do not even bother please.

Contact me on Here, AIM, or pm me for skype!
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bump-- hit me up on aim.