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Selling 10x Cutting Edge, Realm Best MoP + WoD Challenge Modes Warlock



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Please post in this thread before adding my Skype zzq.332

Notable Achievements:
Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor
Cutting Edge: Grand Empress Shek'zeer
Cutting Edge: Sha of Fear
Cutting Edge: Lei Shen
Cutting Edge: Ra-den
Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (10 player)
Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (25 player)
Cutting Edge: Imperator's Fall
Cutting Edge: Blackhand's Crucible
Cutting Edge: The Black Gate

I Thought He Was Supposed to Be Hard?
Challenge Master: Temple of the Jade Serpent
Challenge Master: Stormstout Brewery
Challenge Master: Shado-Pan Monastery
Challenge Master: Mogu'shan Palace
Challenge Master: Scarlet Halls
Challenge Master: Siege of Niuzao Temple
Challenge Master: Grimrail Depot
Challenge Master: Upper Blackrock Spire

Challenge Conqueror: Gold - Warlock MoP CM Armor available for purchase
Challenge Warlord: Gold - Warlords CM Weapons available for purchase
Breaker of the Black Harvest

Notable Mounts:
Grove Warden - Unobtainable
Kor'kron War Wolf - Unobtainable

Armored Skyscreamer
Drake of the East Wind
Twilight Harbinger

Notable Vanity:
9/9 MoP CM Warlock Armor - Unobtainable
8/8 WoD CM Weapons - Unobtainable

Green Fire

Masked Armory:

$825 Western Union, unless I trust your reputation enough for PayPal gift. This character was moved to a fresh account.

Please post in this thread before adding my Skype zzq.332
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