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Buying 100% cr azur lane global acc with complete pr research ships and weapons

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Hello potential sellers,
I am in the market searching for a global azur lane account to buy. I am willing to pay $1500 if not more if and only if the requests below are met.
1. 100% cr excluding the pr4 ships (please have all collab ships and such)
2. Pr1-pr3 ships all dev 30 and maxed out fate simulations
3. All PR rainbow guns and event rainbow guns obtained from both pr and op siren wyvern
4. Have a high number of lv120 ships with a high number or gold and ultra rare gears please.
5. Prefer to have lost of upgrade mats as possible for upgrading future gear to +13 and such
6. The more oaths and skins the better. Wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for those as well. (Not too important)

Please feel free to contact me if one has an account as such. My discord id is linn1996#0312 or you can message me here. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

number 1-5 is very important to me and depending on how many materials and extra blueprints and such for additionals you may have, I dont mind offering more than the price mentioned at the beginning.To be bought with trade guardian so both seller and buyer is safe and I am willing to pay the fees
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