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Selling 1.2 Million Subscriber Soccer Compilation YouTube Channel (Verified Badge)

Entertainment, Other, People, Sports/Fitness
500k+ Subs


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Wow why ? And is it possible to make this monezation enabled or I wanna ask why people pay 22k$ for this ?
Yes, it is possible to enable monetization, also stated multiple times before on this thread.

As for why would people pay that much: Why do people pay any amount for YouTube channels? At all? Because they see potential value in a business venture. There’s various other ways to make money from this channel even if monetization isn’t enabled. You can easily charge $500 per advertisement, and that’s just for normal people. If you partner up with an actual company, then there’s potential for tens of thousands.

I realize this forum is for the most part filled with people who have pretty tiny budgets, usually not higher than a few thousand, but there’s definitely a few out there with the available budget.

You don’t see a 1.25 million subscriber channel listed everyday, and the majority of the people here aren’t true businessmen, as in, people with actual companies, so it’ll probably take a while to get this sold, or I’ll save it for myself.
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Thank you for your answer I got it now yes also it's logical taking advertisement on your channel the person who buy it, I hope you can find correct person good luck !
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