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Welcome to my Top-Up service for Summoners War: Sky Arena

Communication is ONLY possible through chat on-site of Epicnpc - no Discord, its too easy to impersonate - do not fall for scams by impersonators

If you plan to invest in ingame offers, you dont need to pay the full price - I am offering discounts on ALL purchaseable items ingame up to 20% discount.
Interested? Check out the procedure and message me here directly:

119.99 Euro or 99.99 USD ingame pack - 80 USD
84.99 Euro or 69.99 USD ingame pack - 56 USD
59.99 Euro or 49.99 USD ingame pack - 40 USD

1. Screenshot me the in-game offer you want to purchase and send it on EpicNPC chat to me
2. I will tell you the price I am asking for that offer
3. If you agree on a deal, you pay me via one of my accepted payment methods
4. I need to login to your account to purchase the in-game offer - do not login while I am buying the requested items, since it can cancel my buy process.
5. Once its done, you will get a message to login back
6. Enjoy the cheaper in-game purchases

Terms of Services:
- The whole procedure is done by me by hand - no 3rd parties involved
- No charge-back or refund methods nor payments with stolen credit cards. I as well don't use the loophole method where you make the system believe you paid, but didnt. Everything is legally done by myself accessing the in-game store paid by me.
- Its against ToS to login into other people account. So far no account ever was banned since streamer login to pull shards on viewer accounts, people do takeover or clan mates help on tournaments. I wanted still to mention this
- I will be logging in from Germany

Accepted Payment Methods: Wise (formerly Transferwise), Revolut, Skrill and any Crypto
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I gave first and everything went fine. Very friendly and patient guy:)

I gave first and everything went fine. Very friendly and patient guy:)