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Selling ⭐NA&EU - Whale fresh accounts with legendaries+ and skins. Catherine Radiance

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Super Powerful Eversoul Starter Accounts.

100% Guaranteed for each account:

Story fresh!

Done only stage 2-1. Nothing else.
Legendary rare units on each account!

With legendries on the account. SSR units in this game named Epic. Legendary is higher level & rare.
Guest, not linked!
All accounts not linked, guest.

Some created day 1 after release.

Don't know which are tier unit? Check here>> TIER LIST <<
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- PayPal (only F&F);

- Trade Guardian Epicnpc via Trustap.com.
Visit my site to see all available accounts & screenshots: Segnaless.com/Eversoul
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All accounts:
Account IDPriceScreenshotsServerGemsCostumesEpic units list
EVS1-12 35$ Order hereScreensNA&EU10 000+x9 - Morenno Obisidian (Aira), Dynan Sapphire (Talia), Mellow Yellow (Honglan), Heartful Steps (Aki), Dreamy Blue (Mephistopheles), White Bear of Starry Night (Dora), The Gift Is Me (Garnet), Magistrate's Strange Dream (Chloe), Manon (Bursar Potential Candidate)Total Epic Souls x20+ (Unique x20)
Legendary x4: Eve (Demon), Honglan, Linzy, Melfice
Epic+ x3: Aira, Manon, Mephistopheles
Epic: Adrianne (Angel), Aki, Bryce, Catherine, Catherine (Radiance), Cherrie, Chloe, Dora, Eileen, Jade, Jacqueline, Melfice, Naomi, Nicole, Petra, Renee, Seeha, Talia, Xiaolian
EVS1-13 35$ Order hereScreensNA&EU10 000+x9 - Morenno Obisidian (Aira), Dynan Sapphire (Talia), Mellow Yellow (Honglan), Heartful Steps (Aki), Dreamy Blue (Mephistopheles), White Bear of Starry Night (Dora), The Gift Is Me (Garnet), Magistrate's Strange Dream (Chloe), Manon (Bursar Potential Candidate)Total Epic Souls x30+ (Unique x25)
Legendary x5: Chloe, Linzy, Naiah, Mephistopheles, Seeha
Epic+ x2: Eve (Demon), Bryce
Epic: Aki, Catherine, Catherine (Radiance), Cherroe, Clauida, Clara, Chloe, Edith, Erika, Erusha, Flynn, Haru, Garnet, Honglan, Jacqueline, Jiho, Joanne, Lizelotte (Demon), Lute, Melfice, Mephistopheles, Seeha, Rebecca, Velanna
#1. Account 1-3 - SSR x5 - Linzy, Adrianne, Naiah, Flynn, Jade - (06.01.23)
#2. Account 2-1 - SSR x14 - Linzy, Vivienne, Mica, Dora, Nini, Erusha, Soonie, Mephistopheles, Petra, Jade, Clara, Clara, Velanna, Velanna - (02.02.23)
#3 Account 3-2 - SSR x23 - Linzy, Linzy, Chloe, Chloe, Nini, Nini, Mica, Catherine, Catherine, Jade, Rebecca, Rebecca, Soonie, Mephistopheles, Nicole, Renee, Renee, Vivienne, Vivienne, Seeha, Seeha, Miriam, Cherrie - (07.02.23)
#4 Account 1-1 - SSR x19 - Linzy, Nini, Nini, Petra, Petra, Mica, Mica, Dora, Chloe, Chloe, Mephistopheles, Seeha, Nicole, Nicole, Naiah, Naiah, Violette, Catherine, Velanna - (07.02.23)
#5. Account 3-3 - SSR x25 - Linzy, Prim, Renee x3, Mica x2, Soonie x3, Jade, Mephistopheles x2 (= x1 LEGENDARY), Nicole, Claire x2, Jiho, Catherine, Naiah, Erusha, Nini, Cherrie, Haru, Miriam, Adrianne - (17.02.23)
#6. Account 2-2- Total Epic Souls x32. Legendary x4: Honglan x2 (= x1 LEGENDARY), Chloe x3 (= x1 LEGENDARY) , Mephistopheles x2 (= x1 LEGENDARY), Miriam x2 ( = x1 LEGENDARY) , . Epic: Linzy x2, Jacqueline, Violette, Clara x2, Mica x4, Talia, Jiho, Cherrie, Nicole x2, Prim, Velanna, Dora, Rebecca, Catherine x2, Haru, Naiah - (24.03.23)
#7. https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/na-...-lvl82-43-47-souls-battlefront-12-15.2463388/ (04.04.23)
#8. Account 1-3 (2nd) - Total Epic Souls x39 (Unique x21) Legendary x8: Honglan x3 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Jiho x3 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Chloe x3 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Velanna x3 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Naiah x2 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Linzy x3 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Mica x2 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Violette x2 (=x1 LEGENDARY) Epic: Jacqueline, Prim x2, Seeha, Jade x2, Mephistopheles, Aira, Ayame, Erusha, Catherine, Cherrie x2, Erika, Aki x2, Nini, Petra (11.04.23)
#9. Account 3-5 - Total Epic Souls x46 (Unique x23) Legendary x7: Chloe x2 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Clara x4 (=x1 LEGENDARY+), Catherine x3 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Jacqueline x2 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Velanna x3 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Mephistopheles x2 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Nicole x2 (=x1 LEGENDARY) Epic: Linzy x3, Mica, Flynn x2, Jiho x4, Rebecca, Vivienne x2, Nini x4, Violette x2, Honglan, Erusha x2, Aki x2, Soonie, Prim, Erika, Claire, Lizelotte - (18.04.23)
#10. Account 3-4 - Total Epic Souls x42 (Unique x24) Legendary x 5: Nicole x2 (=x 1 LEGENDARY), Mephistopheles x5 (=x1 LEGENDARY+), Haru x2 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Velanna x3 (=x1 LEGENDARY), Mica x6 (=x1 LEGENDARY+) Epic: Linzy, Catherine, Renee, Jacqueline, Aira, Claire x2, Jiho, Dora x2, Prim x3, Naiah, Soonie, Honglan, Cherrie, Violette, Aki, Jade x2, Rebecca, Seeha, Lizelotte (09.05.23)
#11. Account 4-2 - With Honglan, Aki, Lizelotte & more - (21.05.23)
#12. Account 1-4 - Legendary x4: Aki, Dora, Mephistopheles, Prim Epic+ x3: Catherine, Mica, Claire Epic: Cherrie, Chloe, Erika, Erusha, Flynn, Honglan, Jacqueline, Lizelotte, Manon, Mephistopheles, Miriam, Naiah, Nicole, Rebecca, Seeha, Soonie, Xiaolian (13.06.23)
#13. Account 1-2 - Legendary+ x1: Linzy Legendary x9: Talia, Velanna, Honglan, Miriam, Prim, Mica, Mephistopheles, Violette, Aki Epic+ x3: Vivienne, Nini, Jiho Epic: Clara, Dora, Haru, Jacqueline, Jade, Linzy, Mica, Miriam, Naiah, Renee, Velanna, Violette, Xiaolian (22.06.23)
#14. Account EVS1-10 - Total Epic Souls x44 (Unique x26) Legendary+ x2: Talia, Linzy Legendary x5: Mephistophele, Naiah, Miriam, Claire, Honglan Epic+ x13: Mica, Cherrie, Flynn, Soonie, Soonie, Jiho, Chloe, Clara, Rebecca, Renee, Linzy, Jacqueline, Dora Epic: Chloe, Erusha, Haru, Jade, Nicole, Nini, Miriam, Renee, Talia, Velanna, Violette, Vivienne, Xiaolian (14.07.23)
#15. Account EVS1-3 - Total Epic Souls x48+ (Unique x25) Legendary+ x2: Naiah, Chloe, Mica Legendary x7: Petra, Mephistopheles, Rebecca, Jiho, Flynn, Jacqueline, Vivienne Epic+ x8: Linzy, Cherrie, Claire, Nini, Mica, Renee, Soonie, Clara Epic: Aki, Catherine, Cherrie, Erika, Erusha, Flynn, Haru, Honglan, Jade, Miriam, Petra, Rebecca, Talia, Vivienne (16.07.23)
#16. Account EVS1-6 - Total Epic Souls x50+ (Unique x29) Legendary+ x2: Aira, Claire Legendary x7: Jacqueline, Haru, Jiho, Soonie, Catherine, Erika, Velanna Epic+ x12: Honglan, Mephistopheles, Clara, Mica, Mica, Mica, Seeha, Dora, Cherrie, Nicole, Talia, Violette, Epic: Aki, Cherrie, Dora, Flynn, Jade, Linzy, Miriam, Nicole, Nini, Mica, Prim, Rebecca, Vivienne, Xiaolian (04.08.23)
#17. Account EVS1-7 (14.08.23)
#18. Account EVS1-5 (03.10.23)
#19. Account EVS1-1 (14.11.23)
#20. Account EVS1-8 (27.11.23)
#21. Account EVS1-11 (01.02.24)
#22. Account EVS1-9 (26.05.24)
#23. Account EVS1-15 (09.06.24)

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Demon Lizelotte now on some accounts!

+ 1 more costume on all accounts (Linzy)
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best service

i would've bought some useless account if not for this seller.. very patient in explaining the game mechanics and so on!

definitely recommended and will buy from you again next time!!