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Selling ⭐Global fresh starters. Best tier units. One account left 30$

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All available accounts:
MM0-0-430$ Order hereClickGlobal5000World-1SSR x1 - Natasha, Soltina
SR+ x7 - Hathor, Merlyn, Moddey, Petra, Primavera, Skuld, Soltina, Zara
SR x14 - Amour, Arianrhod, Dian, Fia, Florence, Freesia, Mimi, Primavera, Rean, Rosalie, Sabrina, Soltina, Soteira, Tropon
SR Selector Tickets x1

#1. Account_0-0-13. Global-World 1 - 7SR - Florence, Soltina, Natasha, Nina, Moddey, Iris, Sabrina. 8$. Gems - 6000+
#2. Account_0-6 Global-World 1 - 8SR Olivia, Hathor, Soltina , Soltina, Florence, Natasha, Iris, Fenrir. 15$ Gems - 6000+
#3. Account_0-0-11 Global-World 1 - 8SR - Cordie, Soltina, Primavera, Natasha, Iris, Merlyn, Rean, Luke. 20$ Gems - 6600 - 08.12.22
#4. Account_0-5 Global-World 1 - 11SR Olivia, Soltina, Soltina, Soltina, Natasha, Iris, Sabrina, Freesia, Luke, Cordie, Merlyn. 25$ Gems - 1400+ - 03.01.23
#5. Account_0-0-14 Global-World 1 - SSRx14 - Iris (SR+), Soltina (SR+), Florence (SR), Cordie (SR), Mimi (SR), Lunalynn (SR), Primavera (SR), Natasha (SR), Nina (SR), Luke (SR), Sabrina (SR), Soteira (SR), Arianrhod (SR), Zara (SR) - 04.02.23
#6. Account_0-0-15 Global-World 1 -SSRx15 - Cordie (SR+), Iris (SR+), Rosalie (SR), Hathor (SR), Soltina (SR), Primavera (SR), Sophia (SR), Natasha (SR), Olivia (SR), Ivy (SR), Nina (SR), Mertillier (SR), Fenrir (SR), Amour (SR), Zara (SR) - 06.02.23
#7. Account_0-0-3 Global-World 1 -x14 – Iris (SR+), Soltina (SR+), Primavera (SR+), Natasha (SR+), Amour (SR), Illya (SR), Cordie (SR), Hathor (SR), Petra (SR), Mertillier (SR), Rosalie (SR), Fenrir (SR), Freesia (SR), Skuld (SR) - 06.02.23
#8. Account_1-4 Global-World 1 x18 - Iris (SR+), Sabrina (SR+), Cordie (SR+), Amour (SR+), Sophia (SR+), Petra (SR+), Mertillier (SR+), Rosalie (SR+), Ivy (SR), Soltina (SR), Natasha (SR), Rean (SR), Luke (SR), Moddey (SR), Illya (SR), Skuld (SR), Loki (SR) Sabrina (SR) - 13.02.23
#9. Account 0_0_10 Global-World 1 -x16 - Illya (SR+), Natasha (SR+), Nina (SR+, new 20.02.23), Iris (SR+), Olivia (SR+), Primavera (SR+, new 09.02.23), Soteira (SR+), Amour (SR), Hathor (SR), Soltina (SR), Dian (SR), Mertillier (SR), Freesia (SR), Zara (SR), Tropon (SR, new 09.02.23) - 21.03.23
#10. Account 0_0_5 W1 - x16 - Florence (SR+), Amour (SR+), Iris (SR+), Moddey (SR+), Rosalie (SR), Soltina (SR), Primavera (SR), Natasha (SR), Mertillier (SR), Sabrina (SR), Arianrhod (SR), Amour (SR), Skuld (SR), Illya (SR), Moddey (SR) - 15.04.23
#11. Account MM0-0-9 - SSR x1 - Olivia SR+ x12 - Iris, Primavera, Dian, Florence, Natasha, Rean, Mertillier, Merlyn, Arianrhod, Amleth, Rosalie, Skuld SR x8- Soltina, Natasha, Luke, Loki, Libra, Fenrir, Merlyn, Amour (20.06.23)
#12. Account MM0-0-2 - SR+ x13 - Amleth, Iris, Fenrir, Primavera, Natasha, Petra, Loki, Tropon, Fenrir, Theodora, Cherna, Zara, Illya SR x17 - Cordie, Mimi, Soltina, Olivia, Rean, Ivy, Nina, Luke, Ophelia, Loki, Sabrina, Libra, Soteira, Amour, Amleth, Freesia, Skuld (13.07.23)
#13. Account MM0-0 - SSR x1 - Primavera SR+ x10 - Arianrhod, Freesia, Iris x2, Merlyn, Mimi, Natasha, Petra, Rean, Zara SR x12 - Amleth, Amour, Arianrhod, Cordie, Fia, Luke, Natasha, Nina, Rosalie, Soltina, Theodora, Tropon (08.08.23)
#14. Account MM0-0-12 (15.08.23)
#15. Account MM0-0-8 (23.09.23)
#16. Account MM0-0-1 (20.10.23)
#17. Account MM0-0-16 (04.11.23)
#18. Account MM0-0-17 (28.11.23)
#19. Account MM0-0-17 (19.01.24)
#20. Account MM0-0-07 (17.03.24)
#21. Account MM0-0-06 (19.05.24)

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It took only 10 minutes. Got my account instantly. Will definitely buy again

Friendly and helpful. Great experience overall.!
All accounts moved to this thread. All updates will be in first post + news with new posts.
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