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SOLD ⭐AR 56 Account !Mega Whale! 85 5* In Total! Eula C6 R5⭐

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*Username Unset, Amazing Builds, A lot of quests left!*

AR 56 (Almost 57) Account !Mega Whale! 85 5* in total!
49 5* Characters not including Traveler
36 5* Weapons

MC Gender = Male
Bday = 4/6
Username Set = NO
Everything but email unlinked = Yes
Receipts = Yes
Registration Date, Location, Device = Yes

I only buy or sell accounts after 100% verifying original ownership! I am not original owner.
Check my reputation! I specialize in whale accounts. Safety and customers having an awesome experience is the main priority!

Starting Bid: $700.00
Current Offer: $750.00 (1/1/22)
Buyout Price: $1,200.00

5* Character Constellations:
C6 Eula (Crowns - Skill/Burst)
C6 Zhongli
C5 Qiqi
C3 Jean
C3 Keqing
C2 Raiden
C2 Ganyu (Crown - Attack)
C2 Diluc
C1 Xiao
C1 Mona
C1 Hutao
C1 Childe
C0 Venti
C0 Klee
C0 Albedo
C0 Aloy

4* Character Constellations:
C6: All not listed
C3: Lisa
C2: Amber
C1: Kaeya
C0: Yanfei
None: Sayu, Thoma

5* Weapons:
R5 Song of Broken Pines
R5 Primordial Jade Winged-Spear + 1 R1 Extra!
R4 Wolf's Gravestone
R4 Aquila Favonia
R3 Skyward Pride
R2 Skyward Spine
R1 Primordial Jade Cutter
R1 Elegy for the End
R1 Amos' Bow + 1 R1 Extra!
R1 Skyward Harp + 1 R1 Extra!
R1 Memory of Dust + 1 R1 Extra!
R1 Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds + 1 R1 Extra!
R1 Vortex Vanquisher
R1 Staff of Homa

4* Weapons:
R5 Shop Weapons = All
BP Weapons = R5 Blacksword, R1 Serpent Spine
Event weapons = R5 Festering Desire, R5 Windblume Ode

Miscellaneous resources: *A lot of Inuzuma and other quests available for resources!!*
Crowns = 4 + Bunch left from Trees Left!
Billets = 3 Sword, 5 Bow, 0 Claymore, 2 Catalyst, 5 Polearm + Bunch from Trees Left!
Mora = ~0.5 Million
Fragile Resin = 0
Wishes = 0
Primos = 117
Masterless Stardust = 77
Masterless Starglitter = 4
*A bunch of saved exp books, level up materials, food, herbs, ore, etc.
*Some story / World quests still available

Notable account progression:
Artifact sets and Talents are built on most leveled characters
Teapot Trust Rank = 2 (All farms purchased)
Mondstadt Reputation = Max
Liyue Reputation = Max
Dragonspine Tree = 7 (Crown Left!)
Inuzuma Reputation = 2
Inuzuma Tree = 7 (Multiple Crowns and Billets Left!)
Barbara Skin = No
Jean Skin = Yes

Payment Method:
PayPal Friends and Family Only
Installments are available with large first payment
MM here on epic would be great. Buyer goes first otherwise.

Contact: (Discord can send whatever pictures requested and answer all questions)
Discord: Anoobistuu#7035
(respond fastest here - DM or Reply to thread if you add on discord or I will not respond!)
Epicnpc: Reply to thread and/or send a dm please <3

Starting Bid: $700.00
Current Offer: $750.00 (1/1/22)
Buyout Price: $1,200.00

Basic Account Screenshots: (Pictures below DO NOT share artifacts or weapons! Possible better setups on builds.)
NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Char 1.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Char 2.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Char 3.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Weapons 1.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Weapons 2.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Gadget.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Items.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Baal.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Diluc.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Eula.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Fischl.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Ganyu.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Hutao.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Zhongli.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 XQ.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 XL.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Venti.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Xiao.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Mona.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 klee.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Jean.png NA Mega Whale 1-1-22 Keqing.png
Report ip hash: 5f98791808dd00d915c282
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