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youtube channel

  1. A

    Selling  I Want to Sell Youtube Channel 15K Subscribers Music

    I am selling Channel with 15k Subscribers and 1800+ Hrs watch time. so it needs 3200 hours watchtime more to pass the requirements for Monetization. The channel comes with niche music . but You can re-brand it to any other niche after you get it and upload your own content right away. i can...
  2. F

    Selling  Selling 1,100 + Active Subscribers Monetizable Youtube Channel!

    Hi, I'm Selling My Monetizable Youtube Channel! It Have to 1,910+ Subscribers, It Have 760,577+ Watch time (minutes) It Have 216,224+ views ⚡No copyright or community strikes ⚡My channels are Not Monetized Yet But It's Eligible For Monetization! ⚡My channels monatization criteria already...
  3. D

    Selling  i want to sell my youtube channel 1230 subscribers 120k views for just 130$.

    hey guys i want to sell my youtube channel with 120k views and 1230 followers sport niche for just 130$
  4. J

    100k MONETIZED channel! over 8.5 million views! (cheap)

    looking to sell the channel since i dont upload on it anymore and dont have time to do youtube anymore. i will happily sell to someone who will take good care of the channel. please send you offers in and email me here [email protected] thanks! will send screenshots over private dm or email...
  5. andrej258

    Selling  108K Youtube Channel (Real Fans from USA, UK, Canada) 💰 Monetization Enabled

    Selling Youtube Channel - Monetization Enabled About Channel: - 100% Non-botted Organic channel. - - Aged Account from May 3, 2013. - - Monetized Channel with High CPM (3$-5$) - - Youtube Channel with Verified Badge - - The channel is partnered with OmniaMedia network (cancel anytime), so...
  6. Apis

    Selling  YouTube channel with 254K+ real subscribers - for sale ✔️

    Subscribers: 254K+ Lifetime views: 147M+ Channel link: Click Here Screenshots: Click Here Monetization: Eligible Price: $3200 ✔️ Silver Play Button available. ✔️ Subscribers & views are 100% organic. ✔️ No copyright or community strikes. ✔️ Eligible for monetization applying. ✔️ I'm open for...
  7. A

    Selling  1.1K Subs Monitized Enabled channel with Original Email only 400$ BTC

    Monetized Channel - MANUAL CONFIRM have approved message & congratulation email Contact me for best offer ! MY Contact Number Whatsapp: +92 0313 5371541 or email: [email protected] Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChvHHZOpkdmVt0oPk4GH0ew/videos ✔1K Sub And 4000 hours Watch Time...
  8. S

    SOLD  HipHop Music 54k Active Subs and Views From USA and Premium Countries

    54k subscribers active and growing in the Monetizable music niche. All songs are by a well-known American rapper with a loyal core fanbase. Channel gets average 100k sometime up to 250k per day. Total lifetime 38,797,408 views. 77% of the views are from USA. It is a great channel to rebrand...
  9. Snaube

    Selling  ⭐ Youtube Organic Monetized 23.4K Subs, 4.5M+ views, 12M+ Mins (No Strikes) ⭐

    Hello everyone, I am selling a Monetized channel with more than 23,400 Subs, 4.5M+ Views and 12M+ Watch Mins. It has no strikes and got more than 120+ Videos on. You can change the channel name, URL, Niche and the linked adsense account. Channel Highlights: - 23,400 Subscribers - 12,000,000...
  10. Goga Rise

    Buying  Buying Organic and Active Youtube Channels

    Buying Organic and Active Youtube Channels. No botted or dead channels. Only channels +5K or +1K if they are monetized. PM me your channels and prices :)
  11. Goga Rise

    SOLD  8K Active Subs - 3.5M Views - Organic

    7960 active subs. 3.5M Views - 175K views in the last 28 days. It gained 330 subscribers in the last 28 days without posting new videos. Niche: Cartoons Price: $200 You will get access to the Gmail account that contains the Youtube channel. This is the most secure and fast way to buy a Youtube...
  12. S

    Selling  Monetized Channel with 42k Subscribers For Sale

    Monetized Channel with 42k Subscribers For Sale
  13. B

    Selling  25K Sub, Music related, Monetization ENABLED

    Sub - 25k No Strike Monetization ENABLED Price - $900 Details: I accept BTC, ETH and Webmoney (Middleman accepted buyer pay fees) Note: If you purchase the account, it is up to you to decide what to do with it. I am not responsible for whatever happens with it and will not take any blame or...
  14. A

    Buying  Buying Active YouTube Channel. Monetized Enabled. Paying best price for it.

    I am looking for an active youtube channel that gets new views, not a dated youtube channel that doesn't get views anymore. WILL PAY BEST PRICE FOR IT.
  15. M

    Selling  Monetizable CHEAP Gaming channel 3K subscribers 39K watch hours $200

  16. A

    SOLD  Sold

  17. andrej258

    Selling  98K Organic Youtube Channel 💰 Monetization Enabled

    Selling Youtube Channel - Monetization Enabled About Channel: - 100% Non-botted Organic channel. - - Aged Account from Dec 17, 2013. - - Monetized Channel with High CPM (6$-8$) - - 98K Subscribers and if you buy it before 100K you get to keep your sliver play button - Delivery Time: - 1-2 Days...
  18. R

    Selling  Selling 5600 + subscriber YouTube channel

    Hey guys! I'm selling a channel with 5600 + Subscribers. This channel is growing daily with around 20-30 new subs each day and around 1000-5000 views daily. Monetization has been applied for and it should get accepted given that it exceeds the amount required for monetization. The niche of the...
  19. Goga Rise

    SOLD  23K Subs - TV Shows - 6.6M Views - Just $250

    Amount of subscribers: 23700 Topic/Niche: TV Shows Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic 23700 active subs. 6.6M views - 380K views in the last 28 days. It gained 1500 subscribers in the last 28 days without posting new videos. You will get...
  20. infamedoto

    [STORE] Monetized Channels [From 250$] ✔️

    YouTube Channels for sale [MONETIZED] Payment method : BTC - Middleman payment on the buyer's side - Without original mail - No copyright or community strikes - No refunds/replacements, all sales are final. Links: ● *CLICK* (22978 subs) [SCREENSHOTS : *CLICK* (299$)] ● *CLICK* (1817 subs)...