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youtube channel

  1. L

    Selling  122k+ Active Youtube Channel For Sale (Monetization Under review)

    PM Offers. Will not entertain silly offers. If you have questions PM me. Western Union Only.
  2. O

    Selling  118K Subscriber Youtube Channel with Verified Badge✅

    Channel Name : (-) Channel Category: (For Your Ent, Kids, Music Projects) Channel Loc : (USA) Channel Opening Date : (Agu 2018) Subscribers : (118.000+) Views : (Videos are deleted for new projects) Any Claim : (No, Clean) no copyright or community guideline strikes Price: 1300$ Details: I...
  3. Z

    Buying  YouTube channel with monetization $390

    I'll buy a channel with monetization enabled The channel must be in English and 2017 Only through the guarantor $390
  4. V

    Buying  Monetized YouTube account with +100k monthly visits.

    Hi to all. I am new to this forum but old to this business. I am looking for Monetized YouTube accounts (if its on process and near the month to confirm also interest me), not so important the Subs number (+ is better) but focus on last 30 days organic visits of the accounts. (no botted account...
  5. FrontSightMedia

    Selling  ► Gaming Channel 30,000+ Subscribers, 26M+ Views & 30M+ Mins ◄ | No Strikes |

    I am selling a big youtube channel, It's all clear with no strikes. The current niche is Gaming but you can change it to any other of your own. it has 30,000+ Subscribers, 26M+ Views and 30M+ Mins Lifetime. Already applied for monetization and it's under review now. It's been like 3 weeks on the...
  6. B

    Buying  Buying all monteized youtube channels (botted, 3 steps & organic) high prices!

    We Are Buying All Monetized YouTube Channels! ORGANIC, BOTTED & 3 STEPS Contact me: Here's my skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/nDU3A5RlonFk Email: [email protected] We will pay for Trade Guardian
  7. FrontSightMedia

    Selling  ► Gaming Channel 16,000+ Subscribers, 4.3M+ Views & 15M+ Mins ◄ | No Strikes |

    I am selling a youtube channel, It's all clear with no strikes. The niche is Gaming but you can change it to any other of your own. it has 16,000+ Subscribers, 4.3M+ Views and 15M+ Mins Lifetime. Already applied for monetization and it's under review now. Properties: No Strikes Gaming Niche...
  8. B

    Selling  Twitch Sexy Fails YouTube Channel - 1,044 Subs and 8,441 Watch Hours - quick

    Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcuDZOvpD0PdMZEWDDfGbMg All real stats, organic views and semi-botted subs. Over 1K subs and 6k views and also 8,4K watch hours. Add your adsense account to it and wait to get approved for monetisation. Hit me up with your offer, first come first...
  9. FrontSightMedia

    SOLD  Youtube Gaming Channel 19,000+ Subscribers, 5M+ Views & 56M+ Mins Lifetime

    I am selling a youtube channel, It's all clear with no strikes. The niche is Gaming, it has 19,000+ Subscribers, 5M+ Views and 56M+ Mins Lifetime. Already applied for monetization and it's under review now. Properties: No Strikes Gaming Niche Custom URL Live Stream Community Tab 2 years Aged...
  10. B

    Selling  3 Youtube Channels with over 12,000+ Watch Hours (no subs) ALL for $19

    All 3 channels are sold for $25, first come first served. PayPal payment only. OVER 12,000 WATCH HOURS included. Links: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCscRreb...B25sCSPOcA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN-6Zot...6raZp1E7vg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKjwINt...3NoEJ1D0UA
  11. quangthuan223

    Buying  Buying Monetized Youtube Channel ( organic, botted, 3 steps..) high rate

    Hello all, I would like to buy many monetized youtube channels Please send me offers and channel links via private message. If it is organic channel , pls send me some details ( dashboard ,features, analytic life time, 7 days, date associated adsense, realtime) Contact me: Skype: quangthuan223...
  12. A

    SOLD  Selling Youtube Channel Subs 300k Monetization

    Selling youtube channel 300k for cheap - Monetization Enebled - No Strike Payments Only BTC TRADE ONLY MIDDLEMAN!!
  13. Ronda.J

    Selling  Enabled Monetization 15,000+ Subs 550K+ Views and 1.4M+ Mins - Organic

    Selling Gaming Channel with 15,000+ Subscribers & 550K+ Views and 1.4M+ Watch time lifetime. The Niche is Original acting videos. The channel hasn't got any strikes. All features are enabled and the monetization is too, Just passed the monetization review recently. All the channel features and...
  14. B

    Buying  Looking to buy a anime or meme related youtube channel

    Yeah as I said I'm looking to buy a anime related channel or meme must have at least 20k subs if active or 40k let me know
  15. Apis

    Selling  YouTube Channel | 12K+ Subs - for Sale ✔️

    Subscribers: 12K+ Lifetime views: 21M+ Channel link: Click Here Screenshots: Click Here Monetization: Eligible ✔️ Subscribers are 100% real. ✔️ No copyright or community strikes. ✔️ Custom URL is available. PM me if you are interested.
  16. M

    Selling  Under Monetised YouTube Channel with 5000k subscribers

    Under Monetised YouTube Channel with 5000k subscribers and 5000+ minutes view
  17. thefront

    SOLD  Youtube channel 1k+ (old 2013 account) - no monetization + no strikes

    Hello, I wanna sell my old account. 1. - Account has been created at January, 2013; 2. - No monetization (in 2013.. different rules); 3. - Portugal and Brazilian audience; 4. - No strikes. I want sell for a cheap price, call me on DM or send email to: [email protected] Check my other...
  18. S

    SOLD  Selling Monetized Youtube Channel

    The channel is fresh with 0 strikes and copyright claims and enabled monetization. About the channel: - Enabled Monetization - 410K Watch Time - 3k Views - 1163 Subscribers Delivery Time: Instantaneously Refund: I'll offer a 1 month refund guarantee if something goes wrong Please contact me...
  19. S

    SOLD  Sell Botted YouTube Channels with Enabled Monetization

    skype: alikhankv My email: [email protected] All the channels have enabled monetization and are currently for $240. I can receive money via PayPal. About the channels: - All channels are monetized - 1.1k Subscribers - 400k+ Watch Time - Botted - 0 Strikes and Copyright Claims Delivery...
  20. B

    SOLD  buying monetized 𝕐ou𝕋ube channels

    Buying Monetized Youtube Accounts Preferably with over 2k subscribers (not a must) Preferably with aged video's uploaded already Budget is $100- $200 per account depending on the quality of the account We will pay for Trade Guardian