1. Selling  🌺 SELLING! level 150 fire + more

    ACCOUNT INFO: Unlinked to any other account, master password and email included ! DOES NOT HAVE MEMBERSHIP ACTIVE, ONLY OWNS 43 CROWNS ! I only accept PayPal friends & family. No refunds Bundles owned: - Battlemage Keep Bundle - Fantastic Fairytale Bundle - Heavenly Palace Bundle Mounts...
  2. Wizard101 OG account Level 130 Fire, level 130 death, rare items

    Hello guys I am selling my old wizard101 account with 130 death character and 130 fire, rare items, good pets, healing set, open chat, the price is negotiable and I prefer the payment in Crypto or Revolut app discord: Andreii#7140
  3. Selling  Ice 74 and 13 Death

    Selling my boosted account for $60 Lot of lvl 60 crown items! Brent#0068 is my discord if you need to reach me! I accept cashapp only! Membership is not active!
  4. Selling  STACKED family account for sale (Maxes + gear + pets & more!)

    Account 1 Level 150 Storm (Dragoon Completed) Level 150 Fire (Dragoon Completed) Level 140 Myth (Dragoon Completed) - Notable Bundles: Pet Trainer, Max Lvl Spooky Carnival, - Thousands of Xtra Extra Dragoon Reagents - Retired Commander & Duelist Gear - PvP Ratings On Previous Ages - Over 200+...
  5. SOLD  Lvl 150 Myth & Death| Merciless + Dragoon & MORE!

    Characters: Level 150 Myth &150 Death. (Lumeria finished on both!) 3 Piece Dragoon crafted on both chars Numerous merciless pieces on both Some couch potatoes farmed Enough amber for crafting 4+ spells! 2.0 Max stat mega pets finished for both Great account for PvE & PvP! Price: $300 Payment...
  6. SOLD  Level 150 Myth Wizard (CHEAP)

    Hello! I am selling a Level 150 Myth wizard. (Lumeria finished) Pet: Max stat quint damage Frillasaur (Perfect for set bonus) 4th Age PvP Commander Some Dragoon Reagents Farmed Visionary Crafting Unlocked 30+ Amber 30+ Couch Potatoes Price: $180 Interested? Contact skid#0001 on Discord!
  7. SOLD  FRESH wizard101 starter account Storm level 54 active Membership

    I am selling a level 54 storm wizard101 account, good for starters and very cheap price. It doesnt have anything special except level 54, active membership until 15 march 2023, 400 crowns and a mecharex mount (15.000crowns), i am giving it for an extremely cheap price add my discord Andreii#7140
  8. SOLD  wizard101 account

    over 180 couch potatoes, 400 mega snacks, pve pets (quad frillies), 10 pages of perms, 7 bundles, fire, storm, death all 150 with pvp and pve best gear! pm on discord for further details happy too show account! send offers too :) ginger#5525
  9. SOLD  Quickselling Level 155 Life Wizard and Level 54 Storm

    Looking to quicksell an account with a level 155 life wizard, and a level 54 storm wizard. Both characters basic. Price is cheap and negotiable, PayPal only. I am the original owner of the account, therefore the account is full access. Can change e-mail and everything else. If you're curious...
  10. Selling  W101 Starter Accounts! Cheap Price!

    Hey guys, im starting a thread where i sell perfect starter accounts for wizard101 What is on stock at the moment?: Fire(Level 61, Full waterworks gear, main story quested, good pet, perm mount Balance (Level 61, Full waterworks gear, main story quested, good pet, perm mount Full description...
  11. SOLD  Ultra Stacked 160 Balance Max stats (Full Aeon)

    STACKED 160 BALANCE ACCOUNT 160 Level BALANCE. FULL AEON GEAR FOR BALANCE. Multiple pieces of aeon gear for other schools. Full merciless gear for balance. Meta pet for PVP. Full energy pet. Pierce jewels for every school including balance. 69 Couch potato farm + extra CPs and EMPs. Tons of...
  12. SOLD  lvl 150 Fire wizard (Lemuria)

    As the title states, selling a fire account , pretty complete. Just got bored of the game. Price is 50$
  13. Buying  Buying High-end Old Account

    I am looking for a super-stacked account in terms of rare items and am willing to pay a good price no matter the size or rarity of the account so long as it has items that I desire The primary items I am looking for are the Sword of Valor, Charity Meowmadon (and other old charity mounts)...
  14. Selling  CyberBoost Fast and Reliable Wizard101 Level Boost Service

    We provide fast and reliable boost service for affordable prices. Only account username and pasword is needed, master password is NOT needed! You need an active membership or unlocked zones! We are experienced players, been playing since 6 years so we know what we do! if you are interested...
  15. Selling  i will make you a 69 plots farm in Wizard101 (couch potatoe, evil magma peas..

    I will make you a 69 plots farm in Wizard101, (you can choose less or more plots) middleman always accepted, you can also choose what seeds you want me to plant! For more info; please contact me on discord Kakoo#1279 (!BULK DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE!) Thanks! ^^
  16. Selling  Selling lvl 150 death lvl 150 storm lvl 100 ice lvl 145 balance

    account for sale, it has level 145 balance, level 100 ice, level 150 storm and level 150 death with good stats and it has 4,600 crowns. selling account for 50$ dm me on discord player$$#0001 MM ACCEPTED
  17. LVL150 Myth + LvL 59 Fire account

    Heyo! I am currenly selling a LVL 150 MYTH + LVL 59 Fire account The MYTH has all the merci gear and much more! See the pics bellow DISCORD: Rosário#0651 Payment method: Paypal
  18. SOLD  STACKED account

    (updated) 150 death 140 ice 140 storm 125 life 114 myth Has good stats for its level Triple/double pets Has a couch potato garden 14k crowns 11 months of membership left 440$ (MM)
  19. Buying  LVL 130+ ACC

    Hey, looking to buy a wizard101 account that has AT LEAST 1 level 130+ on it Account must have mounts / pets Willing to pay $130 USD (nego) MUST use a middleman You will have to give me master PW.
  20. SOLD  Stacked Wiz Account

    150 storm 132 death 130 balance 100 life 60 ice -All wizards have quint/ triple double pets -All lore spells are either trained or the spellements are available in shared bank. -150+ cps/ 3 69plot -1000+ mega snacks -Pack/bundle gear -code wands -stat boosting mounts (Account isn’t...
  21. SOLD  Max Myth - Lumeria Finished Account

    Hello! I am selling a Level 150 Myth wizard. (Lumeria finished) Pet: Max stat quint damage Frillasaur (Perfect for set bonus) 4th Age PvP Commander Some Dragoon Reagents Farmed VIsionary Crafting Unlocked 30+ Amber 30+ Couch Potatoes Price: $180 Interested? Contact Sav.#0069 on Discord!
  22. SOLD  150 Storm + more BENEFITS

    I have an account with 6 Characters, all schools besides myth. 150 storm 100+ life, balance, death, 50+ ice and a fire. All have pets quint or triple double pets. Outgoing gear is provided. Death and life both have PIgsie trained, All lore spells are either trained or the spellements are...
  23. WIzard101 account for Itoru (MAX STORM)

  24. BOUGHT  Looking for Commander Robe (Negotiable)

    Looking to buy an account with the retired Commander Robe (previously sold by Diego). I am not looking for the crown/bundle Prestigious Robe. I am not picky about anything else on the account, but I am willing to negotiate and pay fairly depending on what the account has/how stacked it is. The...
  25. SOLD  150 STORM

    91 couch potatoes merciless gear 180 dmg pvp pet membership available until 11/11/22 discord: alex H#4471