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  1. M

    Selling  Global High End, 69 Legends, LVL 548, +1720 days, Sabo/Coala, Warco, Barto/Cav

    Selling Global account with 69 unique lenends + dupes. +1720 days (4,7 years) old account. 39 ships only 3 missing. (Megalo, Nosta Castella (forest), Big Mom (forest)) All TM units are rainbowed. All Story islands and Colosseum + 98% of extra islands are cleared. Box space: 2035 Top tier...
  2. B

    Selling  Optc Account Global, P-LVL 518, 60 Legends

    Hello fellas! Selling my optc account, on which I have been active for 2+ years. I love the One piece franchise but I don't have the time or motivation to play anymore. Have a look at my screenshots and decide whether it's the right account for you. There is some space for negotiation...
  3. A

    Selling Beast global account 42 Legends rainbowed lawffy and v2 big mom

    Im selling an account with 42 legends and rainbowed lawffy and big mom v2, warco Carrot snakeman and others are almost rainbowed. For pictures and price Information PM me, only Paypal
  4. D

    Selling  64 Legend Account, GLOBAL, LVL 470+ $75

    Hi, I'm selling this account because I don't have time to play on it anymore. All Treasure Maps are done except Kaido and Smoothie/Oven. Legends I'm missing: Luffy/Law, V2 Big Mom, Carrot, Jack, Capone, QCK Whitebeard, V2 Zoro, V2 Mihawk, Shiki, V1 Big Mom, Cat/Dog Most of the legends I have...
  5. B

    SOLD  CHEAP BEAST 74 Legends-waitingKaido- 2100boxspace - heavyfarm

    Monster account with EVERY TOP LEGEND possible, 95% of them QUADMAX with their teams. LUFFY&LAW, MAMAV2, KATAV2, WARCO, AKAINUV2, SNAKEMAN, LUFFY&ACE, SABO&KOALA, JUDGE&SANJI.. you name it. - LEVEL 483, 2100 BOX SPACE, EVERY SHIP from Forests, RayShop or from GemUnlock Island(Except for...
  6. M

    SOLD  JP PLvl 130 rebecca/vivi v2 big mum lawffy and more...

    Godly fresh account lots of GOD tier units story semi-fresh did only 4 island 50$ New rebecca/vivi V2 Big mom V2 Kata Judge/sanji Warco Carrot Lawluffy V3 Sabo Capone v2 akainu V2 Zoro V2 mihawk
  7. Usopp_123

    Buying  Looking for Global w/ ALL Legends!

    Hey, I am looking for a whale global for about $200 - $250 with all legends in the game as well as a good amount of rare recruits and limited rare recruits with 1800 box space! The amount I am willing to spend depends on how many legends you have, in case you are missing any. Snakeman, Katakuri...
  8. H

    Selling  Insane starter Account (19 Legends over 350 Gems left) Warco/Sanji Judge 25€

    You can find the offer here: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https://www.ebay.de/ulk/itm/223523888196 Units: 2xWarco/2xSanji/Judge/V2 Katakuri/V2 Sabo/2x Usopp/2xEnel/Blackbeard/LogLuffy/Sabo/Shanks/Nekomamushi/Jimbe/Fujitora/Mihawk. The Account has all the boosters for the next...
  9. J

    SOLD  !! Rush Sale!! High-end global account 70$ only!

    Played it for 1000+ days. Got no time to play anymore so i am looking to get rid of it. 45+ unique legends, many dupes. Notable: Warco, L/A, Whitebeard v2, akainu v2, Sanji v2, Lucy, Nami. With optimal great subs like log ace, log vivi, leg nami and leg tesoro for v2 whitebeard. WC ace and...
  10. J

    SOLD  Beast global account! (warco, L/A, whibeard v2, sanji v2, akainu v2)

    Got no time to play anymore so i am looking to get rid of it. Price is very negotiable. 46 unique legends, many dupes. With optimal great subs like log ace, log vivi, leg nami and leg tesoro for v2 whitebeard. WC ace and sabo with whole warco batch for warco Lrr bonney, warco, bobbin, leg...
  11. ZatchYT

    SOLD  OPTC Warco, V2 G4 luffy, V2 Akainu, Lucy and much more 21 legends low end acc

    account is lvl 90 only touched the story and a bit the treasure map only reach 200.000 so a lot of gems you can get in extra islands world map and more My Discord ZatchYT#4112 My Line zatchyt My Kik ZatchYT My Skype whitecourt11
  12. C

    SOLD  High end OPTC [GLOBAL] account Warco/katakuri v2/akainu v2.

    High end OPTC account with 47 Legends and 33 dupes (Full germa 66 upgraded), Plvl: 451 and 34 gems available ANDROID! All TM characters rainbowed (except for tm Shanks). 1615 Character box. All boats available most boats are maxed. ONLY SELLING WITH PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY OPTION Pm me with...
  13. M

    SOLD  global high end with warco

    I am searching for an global high end android acc around lvl 300-500. Should have nearly all tm max. I am willing to pay around 80$/€ but depends on the acc. pm me your offers
  14. G

    SOLD  OPTC Global PLVL 489 37x6* Warco Big Mom

    PLvl 489, 18 6★+, 19 6★, 12/13 Forests (No BigMom), all ray shop ships, all ships are maxed, all TMs done (Enel isn't finished), all clashes, raids completed up to now, 15070 ray pts. Legends screenshot: Box video: Ships, ray pts and TM video (dropped from gold in the last two, no time)...
  15. M

    GODlike/beast Global Starter/Midgame Account (Top Tier Legs)

    Legends : Story is really early still didnt play it too much, imgur is having problems right now so I can't shot the ships, legends in particular and the story Island. It's defintely before Skypia tho :)
  16. L

    SOLD  OPTC - Global - 56 Legends - P-Lv. 530+

    THE ACCOUNT IS SOLD! Hey folks! Screenshots: Some more Informations: - P-Lv. 530+ - I do play on an iOS Device - More than 35kk Berries - Currently 15 Gems (depends on Stamina Refills) - Coliseum Units: I do have all useful Coliseum Units -> better have a look on my Screenshots - RR...
  17. D

    OPTC JP farmed account 46 legends lvl 441

    Starting at 200$ pm me you offers on discord. Add me Dani4tm#5544 46 legends including big mom, 2 warcos, v2g4 6+, v2 doffy, v2 akainu, v2 aokiji. Most legends max lvl, candy, special and limit break. Most raids, colos and treasure map characters maxed If you have any question talk to me on...
  18. M

    Selling  Fresh Global and JP accounts G4v2/warco/nami/v2kata

    Fresh Global Account G4 V2 & Nami 15€-20$ SOLD Fresh JP Account V2 Kata Warco 10€-15$ SOLD Fresh Global Account Big Mom Kata Nami v2 Shanks 20€-25$
  19. H

    Selling  $50 optc account Lv 300+ Warco,katakuri,Lace

    i Have no more time to play this game because of my new schedule:( so I am looking to sell this to someone to enjoy this game as much as I do. I just did my last pulls on 4th anniversary and pulled warco, lace, katakuri and log ace. My account also includes 20+ other legends like v2 doffy, v2...
  20. J

    Trading  Warco glb plz

    I hv a few glb and a jp acc. Lf a warco acc w at least 4 other decent legends on glb or jp