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  1. B

    Selling  100+ level. Vegito, One arm gohan, Blue Goku and Vegeta.

    Will post images for those who reply and/pm. PayPal payment only. Price negotiable.
  2. Anbxc

    SOLD  DBL nearly endgame - 4-6* Z-tier Sp card - Godki - Mix Fusion 60$ only

    Hello, im selling this legends account. Already linked to a dummy twitter. Account has 61 SP card. 6* SSGSS Vegeta, 5* SSGSS Goku, Golden Frieza, Green Buu, 4* LF SP Vegito... And lot of 4, 5* SP card. ... Can build many teams like Godki (inclue Whis + Zamas), Mix Fusion - super saiyan, Female...
  3. D

    Selling  High tier accounts with full teams and CC ($20-$30) Instant purchase available

    Account #1 Transforming Vegeta Account with 20,000 CC Includes - 20,000 chronocrystals(Android) - New transforming vegeta - 9 GSP tickets -7 30% SP tickets - $25 - https://dblegendsgod.selly.store/product/4ae991d3 Account #2 5★ Golden Frieza, Ssj Vegito, 3★ SSB Goku, 3★ SSB Vegeta, Cooler...
  4. M

    Selling  *C H E A P* many TOP TIER sp's (vegito,cell,ssgss goku)

    SP's (PUR) Super Vegito, (PUR) Gotenks, (PUR) Android 17, (PUR) Vegeta, (BLU) SSGSS Goku, (BLU) Trunks (adult), (BLU) krillin, (BLU) Piccolo, (BLU) Pan, (GRN) Goku (GT Kid), (GRN) Ultimate Goten, (GRN) Ginyu, (GRN) Goten (kid), (YEL) Super Vegito, (YEL) Gohan, (YEL) Cell, (RED) Goku, (RED)...
  5. A

    Selling  [Unlinked] Fresh account with Super Vegito, Goku/Vegeta Blue

    Selling a fresh (Lv 27) account with 22 Sparkings, including top tier units such as: Super Vegito Goku Blue Vegeta Blue Golden Frieza Whis [email protected] Nyted#2211 for pics and price
  6. R

    SOLD  5 star vegito Account ASAP

    selling this account. No scammers. Pm me for offers. I will never go first so dont waste our time.
  7. L

    SOLD  Fresh account LF Vegito , LF Goten, God Ki Team

    Story: Only Part 1 done "only Normal" Price : 50$ ( payment first) discord: Unlucky#5840
  8. FFBE Accounts

    SOLD  58 Sparking account - New Goku black, Transforming Trunks, Fusions, God Ki

    Account Overview Notable SP units: New Goku Black SSJ Transforming Trunks (Teen) SSJ Vegito SSJ Blue Gogeta Golden Frieza SSB Goku SSB Vegeta Buuhan SSJ Bardock SSJ3 Gotenks Lord Slug DBS SSJ Broly SSG Vegeta LSSJ Broly (Green) and many more... Special mention to: EX Whis, EX Evil Buu, EX...
  9. K

    Selling  $30-40 Starter Accounts with both Super Vegito and Blue SSJ Gogeta

    I am selling fresh and semi fresh accounts with full fusion team $30-40(If you have more references I send first, if you have less you send first, final price is not negotiable) Tons of SPs including the top sparkings, also accounts have a lot of the top EXs so just ask and I'll ss them Story...
  10. F

    Selling  Endgame account db legends rank 166 top tiers and best teams

    contact me on my email [email protected] or write here if you're interested.
  11. L

    Selling  60SP 52Ext 40Hero New ssgss goku (4 stars) ssgss vegeta (3 stars)

    Selling because I don’t have time to play this game anymore. Can be linked. Offers at discord: Lightrider72#3162. Paypal- Family and Friends
  12. G

    Selling account level 97 with 60+ sparkings

    I have most of my sparkings at 2000 and some select ones at 3000 and I have the new suepr Vegito as well as ssb goku and vegeta and every legends limited unit except for beerus pm for pics and if interested
  13. Anbxc

    Selling  5$ LF Goku fresh- and other fresh with LOE team/ssgss Goku/ssgss Vegeta

    Sell these fresh DB legend starter. None has been linked to anything. Only tutorial done. LF goku only - 5$ . - LF Goku and FP Frieza R1 - 6$ (SOLD) - 12 SP SSGSS Goku - 3* Golden Frieza - Android 14 = 7$ - 13 SP SSGSS Goku - Full power Frieza - Mai - Ex Buu = 6$ Golden Frieza 5* + SSGSS...
  14. L

    SOLD  Early Account Vegito Goku Vegeta SSB

    Rank 30 Have all the story to farm Contact discord : Unlucky#5840
  15. FFBE Accounts

    Selling  Fresh Sp Ssj Vegito, Gogeta Blue, Fp Frieza, New Gohan & Goku black, & more

    Account 1 - $40 SP List: SSJ Vegito Gogeta Blue New Goku Black Buuhan Perfect Cell FSK Goku SSJ Goten Meta Rilldo FF Cooler SSJ Vegeta FF Frieza Android 17 Cooler Dabura Caulifla OG SSJ Goku Account 2 - $35 SP List: SSJ Vegito Full Power Frieza Transforming Future Gohan SSB Vegeta...
  16. V

    SOLD  Selling 2*LF Vegito, 4*BlueGogeta, 2*LFgohan, 3*LF goten, 2*whis, 26k gems

    Price : $250 or Best Offered Payment : Paypal Friend And Family only discord: しろ#6363
  17. M

    BRAND NEW super vegito ! Very limited!!

    I just made this epic npc account to sell my Dragon ball legends account, I’ve put a little bit of time in and have collected a few other amazing cards like the amazing Gogeta!!! and there is still sooo much farming to do on this account for Crystals! For some reason my screenshots are too big...