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  1. Selling  Vanguard Cheats 🎃 Unlock All, Silent Aimbot, Wallhacks & More!

    COD: Vanguard Cheats We offer top-quality, undetected hacks and cheats for a wide variety of your favorite games! Whether you're looking to pass as a legit player, or raging in lobbies - our cheats come with everything you'll need! With general features such as software auto-updating, enhanced...
  2. SOLD  Selling ex-whale VG, 360-370k pala/gunner/crusher

    Whaled on the account until the last 1-2 months. Selling due to quitting the game. MATK main, but crusher grid is still viable. 174/186 classes DM me on discord for offers or questions: Kurrik#0001
  3. Selling  Jack Of All Trades Vanguard, ALL Half-Nightmares ~298k

    Hi all! Just updating my last thread, still looking to sell this account. Currently rank 203, with 128 classes in total and capable of filling any role in your vanguard! If you're interested or have some questions feel free to reach out: Don Kamikaze#7475
  4. SOLD  🔫 Call Of Duty Vanguard 🔫 Beta Key All Platforms - Global - 1$

    BUY NOW - INSTANT DELIVERY Want To Sell Call Of Duty: Vanguard Closed Beta CD Keys BETA TIME: 🔥 For Playstation: from September 10, 2021 🔥 For PC, Xbox and Playstation: from September 16, 2021 ACTIVATION DETAILS: 1. Go to https://profile.callofduty.com/promotions/redeemCode/beta-partner 2...
  5. Selling  {Global] 280K Tri-Flex VG | 6000 TC | Day 1 Acc Selling Fast

    Rank 205 Top 10 Global Guild with 6K crystals and RUS along with the Twilight Crystal Pass for the next ~couple of days/weeks. 500 Desire Medals (I) 180 1st Anni (Spec) Medals (Expires August) 122/167 jobs MM welcome if buyer is interested in paying for it. paypal family and friends only...
  6. SOLD  Maining Shapal, Kagero, and LJ, Global Zero Account ($60 Negotiable)

    WTS, Selling Vanguard Zero Global Account. Reason to sell: Retire from playing VGZ Payment Method: Paypal / Local bank transfer if you happen to also be Indonesian. Discord: aooo#2918 Price is Negotiable $60, subject to change if I obtain more. Playable Decks, Materials, Owned RRR, and other...
  7. Selling  VGZERO acc global max urgent

    Online vanguard player VG ID for sale due to sudden need. All clans have decks, lots of max decks, there are Revenger, LJ and others max, RRR craft materials, Clan Event Max decks if you want to ask PM me. PM me your price friendly price. Jakarta domicile
  8. Selling  Global VG 265K+ | $250

    Selling my VG account, price is negotiable. List of Stuff: - 300 puri tickets - RUS until 7/2 - Royal Twilight Crystal Pass until 7/4 - 104 classes - 125 royal skip ticket - 6700 charm medals - 702 gran medals - 64 10mins Gold Vial (writing this down coz it didnt fit in screenshot - 300 Medal of...
  9. Selling  Selling High tier M.Att acc. 90k+ HNM Alice

    Selling solid day 1 account that is magic attack specced. HNM alice is 90k+ m att, HNM snow is 85k+ Any questions or more pictures feel free to dm me here or on discord, Furvio#7037 doing some editing cuz its lacking some critical info. it has not pulled replicant at all, so it can get at...
  10. [Global] 300k Crusher w/ ALL weapon grids | 134 Classes | 500 USD

    Hey, looking to sell my whale VG account. All grids have full skill levels in them, gunner one has all skill levels to a minimum of 15. Looking to concentrate on my life and put competitive gacha behind me. Wanting to sell before the start of GC12. Get this account for the 1 year anniversary...
  11. Selling  [GLOBAL] Optimized 213k HNM Paladin $50 obo

    Day 1 Account. Prioritized pulling m.atk weapons and classes (Spears over Bows/Guns). Contact me on discord at justy461#8543 if interested and I can provide additional information/screenshots. $50 obo Paypal FNF (buyer goes first). Rank 201 213k HNM Paladin or 205k HNM Gunner Story is about...
  12. SOLD  Optimized 270k hnm Alice, 263k hnm S.White, 269k hnm RRH + 2.3k tc

    Selling a optimized/semi-optimized day 1 vanguard that can be a magic or physical focused. Top 1-10 overall in every GC except one. Top 2 overall the current GC. Top 1-2 in timeslot every GC. Have 2.3k twilight crystals. Have 115 classes. Have every paid nightmare MLB except the previous one...
  13. SOLD  Sell High End Account, many maxtune deck $70

    Many Maxtune Deck There are many rrr card. There are many fight skin from events. The price will be $70 For further informations, you can contact me at Discord : Yanura#5975 ,serious buyer only Payment method : Paypal
  14. Buying  Pack heavy account

    Interested in any offers as long as the account has lots of packs. PayPal available
  15. BOUGHT  B> top end dps acc, must have all paid nm + alot of classes. Paladin

    looking for a VERY high tier paladin acc, no crushers (unless you can play as both a paladin or crusher). looking for ~ 80k m attack. looking to acquire towards the end of the month. DM on discord for pictures/prices and offers. Furvio#7037
  16. SOLD  Vanguard Zero - Fully Built Link Joker, Shadow Paladins Granblue - Cheap

    Hi there ! Price is $25 Wanting to sell off my account https://www.************/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png You can contact me on discord as well : FurryKozar#4843 Here are some pictures !
  17. SOLD  (4000TC) HNM Crusher 208k | HNM Breaker 206k | story farmable | 70$

    I'm selling Vanguard account with HNM Crusher build (208K , 60K P.ATK), HNM Crusher Kaguya Build (206K 59.8K P.ATK) or Psysical Mixed build (215K , 61K P.ATK), Paid nightmares and weapons. - Account is rank 194 (close to 195) - 4000 Twilight Crystals - 71 Classes - 2 Golden Top 10 Timeslot...
  18. Buying  Looking to buy account with multiple packs and materials

    Have money for PayPal just really want an account with a lot of packs or crafting materials
  19. SOLD  [Global | VG] VG acc 246k+ | $350 Negotiable

    Selling my guildie's 246k VG acc for them since they retired. All details posted in pictures, further questions can be directed to Yu#0707 Payment: Paypal Goods&Services Price Negotiable Acc has 97 classes Xtals now at 300, will get top 210 GC rewards.
  20. SOLD  Global | 246k HNM Alice - 74k w/ 243k HNM Snow - 73k

    Hi, I am selling my vanguard account with a full skill level HNM Alice as well as a HNM Snow. It currently has 5k gems - great for the upcoming collaboration in April! Key Features: - 95/118 classes - 246k HNM Alice with full skill levels - 243k HNM Bow with full skill levels - 5k GEMS...