1. SOLD  Balanced account with 4 wood Merlins, dark GARUDA and Sonic

    Balanced account with good titan mons with 2 wet Basts and the 4 wood Merlins for doing the best compo at wet titan Account is negociable, but expecting minimun 100$ Discord: White Flamie#6331
  2. SOLD  Light Scherehazade with Titan mons

    Light Scherehazade with Titan mons for 25$ Discord: White Flamie#6331
  3. Buying  Looking for account with titan SRL helmet.

    Looking to buy an XBOX SRL destiny 1 account. Don’t care about emblems/shaders though it would be nice. Doesn’t need to be stacked, only care about the TITAN helmet, nothing else. I won’t buy unless I’m given full access to the entire account including the actual email. DM at Malfeasance#2023...
  4. Buying  High end, Endgame stacked account

    I’m looking for an endgame stacked account with the D1 trials armour if possible, godrolls, seals, leviathan armour, etc. Please pm me if you have an account you would like to sell which fits the criteria.
  5. SOLD  Quick Sale R200 Titan Hades Account for $35

    Selling Rank 200 Mobage GBF Account Extra stuff Juten : 10/10 (2 FLB) Zodiac : 3 Evokers : 4 (Alanaan, Caim, Nier, Geisenborger) Have Maxed Beelzebub and Belial Opus 6 ULB (all element) Astral 6 ULB (all element) 2 Sunlight (6 on stock through shard and commendation) 1 Damascus Bar (21 on stock...
  6. SOLD  Global A. Hilde + Titan + Xiao + Chifuyu + Gaeun

    account : guest name change : untouch stage : will be played till sold blue ticket : untouch payment : paypal fnf or wise(transferwise) interested? any question? please dm me on EpicNPC thank you! BEWARE OF SCAMMER, I ONLY USE EPICNPC FOR COMMUNICATION
  7. [GLOBAL] A.Hilde single pull + Titan + 3600 gems + selective

  8. Selling  Nebula M1068 Sell rss (Plasma, Nickel, Titan, Deut) \ Farm to order (any SRV)

    Hello, WTS resources: Plasma - $6 for 1kk. Nickel - $3 for 1kk. Titan - $0.6 for 1kk. Deuterium - $0.6 for 1kk. *Discount when buying a large amounts* Also I take orders for farming resources on any servers. Payments with PayPal, Paxum or Middleman. For more information > PM.
  9. Selling  I accept most of the offers | Endgame with Double DARK INDRA

    Double dark Indra account with awesome damage in titan too Dont be afraid and send me offers My discord is: Kanashi#6331
  10. SOLD  Endgame Dark and Light Indra and many awesome mons

    Take a look at the images for more details Can talk to me through this page and discord: Kanashi#6331
  11. SOLD  6730pts, original email, 0 transaction, 60$

    Hello everyone, I will sell a personal account that was created for sale, the first mail with the first letter, 0 purchases, 100% guarantee. Mode of payment: bank transfer to visa card / scrill Contact me on discord: 21ayer#0790
  12. Buying Cabal NA dark mage or blader. Titan

    Hi my names Abz, but you can call me Vini, I'm looking to buy a Cabal NA Blader or Dark Mage lvl 190+ Doesn't matter if it has items or not, the better the base stats the more I will offer. Discord Vindictis #9537 I will not pay without a trusted middleman Character that I buy will have to be...
  13. SOLD  Cheap negociable 400$ with variant Dark Indra and variant Dark Sha Wujing

    Negociable 400$usd 140-160m damage to light 107-142m damage to fire 70-90m damage to dark For offers can contact to my Discord: Kubara#6331 or to my Whatsapp +34 685 04 39 12
  14. SOLD  Rank 213 3 Primal Quality Grids, Other primals potent

    Account Details https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-u_ME5W8qEPPjdQfnDtLQh573ueSWMTCQsde6286FG0/edit Grids: Fire: 4 Ixaba, 1 Vertex (3 Rein fist + 2nd vertex Available to provide 100% crit, Skill dmg option) Water: M2.5 Wamdus grid (Missing Europa staff to enter basic Varuna) Earth: Caim...
  15. SOLD  Cheap 400$ account lvl58 3.4b weekly var D Indra and D Sha Wujing and more

    400$usd 140-160m damage to light 107-142m damage to fire 70-90m damage to dark For offers can contact to my Discord: #Kubara6331
  16. Buying  Hi, looking for account with avanger titan

    Hi, looking for account with avanger titan
  17. SOLD  selling lv 62 acc titank killer 3.4 b 200 usd

    Selling lv 62 3.4b end week Fire 140m-180m Dark 50-70m Water 130-140m Whatsapp +54 3885194481 Pm your offer ty toc 120 all collosus all benji dimensional 14 astros super ascencion red star
  18. Buying  Buying titan accounts | or/with | L/D Corageous Strike

    Accounts at least with (Not in the same account): 1 Indra dark | Can be other CS dark (Except Poseidon) or light, only Gilgamesh and Shinobi. 2 wood Merlin Wood Pinolos evo3 2 wet Aesir Noob accounts is my best preferencies I will value your account and give you a price. Whatsapp: +34. 685...
  19. SOLD  R250 Blue Skin 2 ULB Eternals 8 Evokers All Zodiacs 5/6 Ulb Primals

    Selling Rank 250 Blue Skin account Old imgur: Summary: Eternals: 10/10 FLB - Song and Sarasa ULB Evokers: 8/10 - minus Maria and Estarriola All Zodiacs - 7/7 All Summer Zodiacs 3/3 240 SSRs, 33 limited holiday SSRs, 25 grand SSRs Notable summons: Primals: 5/6 ULB - minus Titan (have 2...
  20. Selling  Lv 64 acc titan killer 3.3b end week

    Selling lv 64 3.3bend week Fire 130m-150m Dark 90-120m Water 110-135m Whatsapp +54 3885194481 Pm your offer ty.
  21. Selling  SEA starter acc (20 SSRs + name unset) 8$

    dummy gmail Paypal dm me discord justURboringGuY#4628 only to notify me and ask anything transaction only can be done here
  22. SOLD  11 SSR - Gaeun+Titan and Others+Selective On+5.310 Quartz $8

    [SEA] Guest Login (Unlinked) Payment via Paypal Discord : Ashtarl#9970 Level 9 Only Stage 1 Clear 11 SSR + 1 SSR from selective (Unclaimed) + 5.310 Quartz Gaeun + Titan + Seo Yoon x2 + Kyle Wong + Esterosa de Chevalier x2 + Elizabeth Pendragon x2 + Nanahara Chifuyu + Hayami Sanae Nanahara...
  23. Selling  10⭐ Top Tier SSR. (nanahara dupe) name unchanged 35$

    Top tier 9SSR with (nanahara dupe) ready for limit break accept paypal FnF discord Leimrey#0136
  24. SOLD  R240 10 Juten (1ulb) 10 Evoker 4 Primal grid 16 Goldbar Sparkable

    WTS GBF Rank 240 [Mobage] IGN change available Beginner ticket unused (Summer themed s.zooey) Sparkable 1x == Grid == 4 primal : agni, varuna, titan, hades all magna m1 + m2 == Chara == 205 SSR 10/10 Eternals FLB (mats ulb seox + fif ready) 1/10 Eternals ULB 10/10 Evokers 4 Zodiac (Vajra...