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  1. JamesWhyteIT

    Selling  RARE Unlinked TH12 near max account with rare obstacles $200

    Hey All, Selling a SUPER RARE unlinked Supercell id account, what this means is you can link it to your own email account and have 100% ownership and access to this account. this is VERY RARE. I have played this account personally for a very long time it is near max on troops and defensive...
  2. A

    clash of clans coc TH12 BH9

    Q43 K34 W15
  3. gl.

    Selling  Clash of Clans Store 7/12/19

    LVL 230 100% troops/heroes & buildings except walls $200 (negotiable) - LVL 140 $40 (negotiable) PM or Discord: gl#0001 *NOT RESPONSIBLE AFTER THE LOGINS LEAVE MY POSSESSION* Accepting Bitcoin, Cash App & Zelle.
  4. R

    TH12 Max lv heros and defence/walls account.

    -6400+ GEM -TOWN HALL & BUILDER HALL =ADD SCREENSHOT -3 HERO MAX LEVEL -ALL DEFENCE / TRAP / ALL WALLS / BUILD IS MAX LEVEL -TROOP - ADD SCREENSHOT -ARCHER QUEEN New SKiN --------------------------------------- supercell ID+ Google E-mail account with full control info Pay via paypal...
  5. S

    Th12 rushed account level 10 lab and has workshop

    this is a rushed th12 account has a level 10 lab so you can upgrade everything to the max and the workshop has been built so u can donate seiges to everybody in ur clan !
  6. H

    SOLD  99% TH12 Level 201 | BH8 | 1000+ Legends | Max walls | 500 war star |11k gems

    Level: 201 Town Hall: 12 Legends Trophy: 1000+ Barbarian King: 60 (Max) Archer Queen: 60 (Max) Grand Warden: 30 (Max) Walls: Max Builder Hall: 8 Battle Machine: 12 (Max) War Star: 500+ Currently finishing Ice Golem Upgrade, and one last upgrade after is Bat Spell. which can be maxed with spell...
  7. B

    Selling  [STORE] botter's Clash Store | Cheap & Affordable TH12s & Clans!

    Hey, this is my shop, for the current accounts I'm selling. I'm only looking at selling at the moment, and have no intentions of buying anytime soon. Contact: Discord: mitch#1234 Line: mitchclash1 Instagram: mitchclash Account Four: Town Hall 12 60/60/30 Nice Walls Mid-tier lab Near maxed...
  8. D

    SOLD  TH12 Level 198 | Max Villages | Huge Loot & Gems | Free Name Change

    Price: $350 Happy to use Trade Guardian or PayPal for the transaction. This is my one and only CoC account. I have played since the beginning of the game (6+yrs) but now it's time to move on and let someone else enjoy what took me so long to build up to where it is today. About the account...
  9. H

    TH12 (Fresh 11.5)

    Th12 (Fresh 11.5) Level 160 Max th11 Troops Max th11 Defence minus a few wizard towers All level 11 walls and some level 12’s 260 gems on account WW siege machine level 1 this was a Dono account over 160k donations Asking price is $100 AUD FIRM PAYPAL ONLY Email [email protected]
  10. cstmth

    Selling  🔥✅🔥 TH12+ | 4 Accounts made for Clan Wars | $35-45$ via PayPal/BTC

    Hello there! I have 4 Town Hall 12 Accounts upgraded especially for Clan War purposes. That is the reason, why the accounts are so cheap. You can link all of the accounts to YOUR OWN E-MAIL ADRESS. All accounts work for both iOS and Android. How To Buy All accounts can be bought with PayPal...
  11. N

    SOLD  Near Max Th12 with near max lab 60/60/30 Level 212

    Account linked . ( you can Play in Android and iOS ) Name change available with 1500 Gem Level: 212 Town Hall: 12 Barbarian King: 60 (Max) Archer Queen: 60 (Max) Grand Warden: 30 (Max) Builder Hall: 8 Battle Machine: 10 War Star: 1396 Gem: 2000+ I will send all the information to the buyer...
  12. M

    Selling  LVL 192 | TH 12 | 52/60/21 | Almost max | Troops max/Spells max

    🔥 ACCOUNT DETAILS🔥 Platform: 📲 Android Google Play Login (Link iOS Available) ⚠️Login: Everything will be given. Gmail and I will help you to log in (if you want) Gmail Connect - (Email and Pasword will be given) TROOPS: MAX SPELLS: MAX SIEGE MACHINES: MAX 🏠 TH : 12 💯 Level : 192 🤴 King : 52...
  13. Qandeel.moh

    TH12| AQ60| BK60| W 30| Change Name free| Preofessional Seller

    Selling TH12 Max AQ level 60, BK level 60, Warden level 30 Max defenses till April New update and now upgrading them under process Troops are max I am Professional Seller has many accounts. Searching for honest customers. Only through middle man I will sell to protect myself.
  14. T

    SOLD  TH12 Level 222 | Both Village %100 Max | All Heroes + Troops + Walls %100 Max

    For see all of my account join to my Channel Click This link >> Discord Contact to me: Telegram: @TeWeN WhatsApp: +989363919093 Discord: TeVeN#0714 Account linked Supercell Id by Me. ( you can Play on Android and iOS ) Name change available with 1000 Gem Price: $400 All Defense And All Wall...
  15. AngelNPC

    Selling  Angels Clash Store - BEST Deals anywhere - Safe Seller - 100% Feedback

    Angels Clash Store Hey Clashers! Angel here! I created this store page because I was tired of seeing all of these crappy bases so overpriced. TH12 has been out for a year and people are still trying to get $300 for a max base. I can offer them, and much more, at a much smaller rate! Please...
  16. P

    SOLD  WTB High-End COC account with TH12 maxed !!! 60/60/30

    Hello, Want to Buy Clash of Clans account TH12 maxed !!! 60/60/30 android can pay with paypal can use middleman discord - Dodo#5341 skype - posnacik
  17. P

    Selling  TH12-Level 244-K/Q/GQ 51/52/20 , Close to being max-Middleman or directpayment

    Level 244 TH12 Non-Rushed Heroes: 51/52/20 Many max lab Most defenses/troops are one off being max Walls LvL12 Can use middleman (buyer pays the fee) or direct...
  18. H

    COC NEW TH12 Really good walls and heroes PM me offers

    Hey, I am wondering if I can get my coc account sold, because im not playing it anymore. It just reached th 12 after nearly full max th 11. There is only 62 lvl 11 walls left, Rest are lvl 12 walls :) It has already gotten Workshop, where u can cook WallWrecker, and its upgrading to Blimp...
  19. S

    Selling  Town hall 12 - level 3, BK : 51, AQ : 55, GW : 20

    Account details: Name change: Available for free This account has 9000+ gems. Town Hall level 12 - level 3 Heroes: - Barbarian King level 51 - Archer Queen level 55 - Grand Warden level 20 Base - maxed defences to town hall 11 worh extra inferno at level 3. - maxed troops to th11, bowlers...
  20. S

    COC account nearly maxed TH12

    Clash of Clans account TH 12 nearly maxed