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  1. Selling  Selling gold on EU Mystel price 3$ per Mil.

    Selling gold in stock in Tera EU server [Mystel] 3$ per Mil. Accepting Skrill Paypal WU Bitcoin Discord< Kernel#8604
  2. Selling  WTS Tera NA account Warrior main +12

    WTS Tera NA account Warrior main +12 with end game ready (ilvl 517.0) Warrior alt +12/10/12/6 dm me on discord for more [email protected]: ayie#3337
  3. Selling  [Mystel] TERA Gear for Gold or Euros

    Selling all the gear for gold or euros in Mystel server. Message me or add in discord 𝓖𝓻𝓪𝔃𝓪#0060
  4. Selling  Tera Gold

    Selling gold TERA EU Mystel 1mil/5 EU 40 mil stock PayPal method Discord : gold#6520
  5. SOLD  🌟 VELIK - GOLD 🌟

    New Sale! The final sale of gold Server: (US) Velik; Selling Gold: 1kk = 12.00 $; Skype: first70mt Payment: Payment method via paypal gift [Family and friends] Paypal only Details: 100% handwork, No Bots. Fair deal.
  6. SOLD  TERA EU Mystel Gold

    PRICE: 5€/ mil STOCK: 17mil GOLD !READ BEFORE BUYING! You will pay first no questions asked. Been selling gold since f2p. Can do small batches consecutively like 1-5mil Payment: PayPal (only as a gift, you're paying the tax, price is in € not $) or REVOLUT NO REFUNDS, NO DISPUTES Discord...
  7. Buying  💰 Buying Digimon Masters Tera [InstantPayment] PayPal Skrill wmz & More

    What the reason selling Digimon Masters Online Tera to me? 1. 100% Feedback dont worry about scam its not gonna happen in here. 2. Instant Payment (when the Trade is done, i will send the payment as fast as possible) 3. Full payment I Cover All Fees Skrill > 0% fee For You. WebMoney (WMZ) > 0%...
  8. SOLD  CHEAP endgame EU mystel Valk level 70 max 50$

    selling my max account with 2 valks at level 70 with full +15 kaiai gear raid ready i'm selling my Veteran Tera Account on Mystel EU. Main Character is Valkyrie lv70. Account has Tera Club for 30+ days. Totally Endgame ready, stats are rolled well on every piece. Alot of Adventure Coins + 3x...
  9. TERA GOLD / PS4 - meldita/ cheap

    Cheap GOLD for Sale Server: MELDITA Selling gold: 1M= $9.00 I have 10M avaible Discord: Boo#0741 Payment: PAYPAL *** FAST AND SAFE
  10. SOLD  WTS NA warrior main full +9

    NA server acc ready to play full +9 kaia soul warrior main weapon and gloves is triple stat pcp card collection lvl 5 (31K+ POINTS) 1.5 & 2.0 dragon buff all dg skilled war alt full +7/7/8/8 kaia soul 6 slot char (5 char lvl 70) 1mil+ gold in bank 1 unuse tera club (30 days) you pay the...
  11. Selling  PS4-XBOX NA server sell gold, resources and other

    PS4-XBOX NA server sell gold, resources and other paypal or other method. i wait your offers, very need regular customers Discord ---> Voffka#2450
  12. SOLD  [ EU ] Mystel Veteran Account all classes lvl 70 main max gear 508.2 ilvl

    [ ENDGAME ACCOUNT ] [ PRICE: 400 $ ] [ MORE INFO DISCORD: ketchdrown#1411 ] Account info: - I'm the original owner of the account - Veteran Account ( 8 slots on other servers then Mystel, 4 bank tabs, and more...) - Tera Club paid until 03/01/2022 - Rare, catchy character names - Unique...
  13. Selling  WTS |= EU Mystel GOLD =| 5 eur / 1M |

    Hey, WTS EU Mystel gold 5 eur / 1 Million Payment methods Not reselling gold, smoothest method, face to face delivery immediately after payment. 🚛 ⬇️ PM me or Discord: sheldox#1014 ⬆️
  14. Selling  [NA VELIK] End Game Lancer

    WTS END GAME LANCER ON VELIK SERVER 2.0 (dragon) /1.5 mount (phoenix) kaia soul gear +9 wep, +8 chest, +9 boots, +9 gloves, 0.14 inner pcp MAX EP, MAX skill advancements Lv 4 card collection (24k points) PRICE $350 paypal Discord me for more info: HehexD#0973
  15. SOLD  TERA NA acc/ 22 char slots/ rare costumes,rare mounts,rare names.

    ---Outfits---- Lvl 70 elin warrior has Formal Sunday Dress Elin,Elin Snowbelle Wrap,Legitimate Business Suit elin,Elin Santa suit,Black brow glasses,Black Bow,Black Bowler hat,White Fur Coat,Unity stole,Chocolate and Strawberry weapon skin,Pink brow glasses,Devil Horns,Room Darkening...
  16. Selling  WTS Velik Gold.

    Selling Gold on Velik Server 20 $ = 1M. Only accepting Paypal Discord: pause#1245
  17. Selling  EU Shakan Archer lvl 70 - ONLY 80 USD

    I'm selling an account with 13 characters on it. See all infos to the main character on the account in the screenshots. TERA Main Character The Main Character: - Archer LVL 70 - Item lvl 475+ (Weapon, chest and gloves storm cry + frostmetal boots +7) - 1.5k gold bank - many items I'm selling...
  18. SOLD  WTS Tera EU Mystel Gold

    Selling Tera GOLD on Mystel server - 1mil gold = 6€ - STOCK: 10mil
  19. Selling  Tera Gold EUROPE ( Mystel ) 7€/million.

    I'll deliver the gold as soon as possible , i may be late sometimes ( rarely ) to deliver the product but you will 100% get it. Im usually most of the time online and ready to deliver! I can send you the gold via parcel post or face-to-face trade it's your choice.
  20. Selling  EU Mystel Veteran Acc 10 x 70lvl Characters and 2 month left of Subscription

    Main is Ninja with 499.8 ilvl +4 Kaia Soul Weapon +15 everything else, has 1.5 and 2.0 Dragons, 500 EP all skills unlocked, 2 superior partners with power, auto gather, auto fishing. Other characters range between 479-486 ilvl, about half of them have 1.5 Dragon, only a few have fully maxed out...