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  1. S> talontales(talonro) zeny items

  2. Selling  S> TalonRO Zeny $1=2.5m + Champ/Other Items

    Add me on Discord Conatus#3924 or PM me here. S> Zeny $1 = 2.5m Champion/Other Gears Brisingamen (worth 250m Zeny) Sold to Magainin Suiken [3] (Worth 200m Zeny) Sold to Magainin Sleipnir [1] (Worth 80m Zeny) Available Paypal/Zelle only. I am also willing to sell the gears listed above for...
  3. SOLD  S> TalonRo ZENY 1$-2m

    Price for 1 000 000z - 0.5 USD Discord: FTL seller#3082 Fast Delivery Handfarmed zeny Minumum purchase 50m, no other discounts Using middleman service for safe deals Feel free to pm me here or Discord.
  4. SOLD  S>TalonRO Zeny 3M/1USD - PayPal only

    Hello, I'm selling TalonRO zeny at the rate of 3M/1USD and the payment is implemented only by PayPal. I have 2G in stock. Please add me on discord: nenige3#3687 for transactions.
  5. S> Talon RO zennies at 2.5m/1USD (Negotiable if BULK)

    Hi! S>Talon RO Zennies at at 2.5m zennies = 1 USD! Price negiotable if Bulk buyer! I currenly have 400m on hand but am selling more stuff as I am making this thread! will probably get ~500m Payment Method: I accept GCASH/Crypto/Family and Friends Paypal Money first as I have already been...
  6. Selling  S> TalonRo 1B Zeny 3M=1$

    Probably the final number would be 1,1B.
  7. SOLD  S> TalonRO zeny 1$-2m

    Price for 1 000 000z - 0.5 USD Discord: FTL seller#3082 Fast Delivery Handfarmed zeny Minumum purchase 50m, no other discounts Using middleman service for safe deals Feel free to pm me here or Discord.
  8. SOLD  S> TalonRO Zeny / Talon RO Zeny

    Hi guys i'm selling 200m again. Add me on my discord Hitch#1642 Price is 1$ per 2.5m
  9. Selling  S> TalonRO Zenny $1 = 2,5m

    Selling TalonRO Zenny. Currently have 600m. Message me on discord Opacho#4289
  10. Buying  B> TalonRO Zenny

    Looking to buy Talon RO zenny. Amount depends on the rate. Add me on Discord to discuss rates. Quarks #8995
  11. B> Zeny Talonro 3m=1$, need 102m

    I'm on discord, krutilo # 2088
  12. SOLD  S>Talonro Zeny + Eqs + Gears (5B - 7B worth, $1/2.5m)

    Quitting talonro have cold hard 600m+ zeny. 5B-7B ++++worth of items. Some are as below +7 lord kaho horn 320m +7 devi manteau 150m +7 sleipnir 700m 4x normal lord kaho 160m 6 bris (4 sting 1 ifrit 1 clean) 270m each x 6 2 megs 290m each x 2 1 eversong lady tanee 180m 1 staff of magi clean 170m...
  13. S>Zeny Taron ro Ragnarok online

    Hi, I have Zeny available on the talon ro, interested in contacting me by the epic npc (here) or by the discord: theageofmedium#5966 I have experience and i am Trust seller. 1 USD(dollar) = 2.5M Stock=200m Payment method: Paypal or picpay (for Brazilian people)
  14. SOLD  S>TalonRo Zeny | 2.5M Per 1$

    Selling TalonRo Zeny [ 2.5M Per 1$ ] Have 500m = 125 sold - balance 375m in stock. Payment in paypal only! if you're interested add me on> discord - Kimochi#0561
  15. B > Talon RO zeny (3m = 1$)

    I can do paypal. Discord is crimsoneyes#5225
  16. Selling  TalonRO Items & Zeny

    I'm selling SQI items, headgears, cards, expensive equipments, and 200m zeny. Because the items are high end-game gears and costumes, I'm seeking a serious buyer. SQI Items Artemis Staff of Magi Evangelist
  17. Buying  TalonRO Zenys or Items

    Im buying Zenys or Items like Kaho for TalonRO PM me.
  18. Selling  TalonRO zeny 2m/usd

    500m raw zeny + gears ready trusted seller, safe even if payment first, got upvotes and reputation here in epicnpc pm me on discord Ynes#2428
  19. b>talonRO zeny, 2.5m per 1USD

    buying zeny- looking for approx 200 usd worth as a start. Add on discord to discuss further- cayzerin#9471
  20. Selling  Sell TalonRo Zenny And Gears 2m- 1USD

    Hi im selling zeny and gears 2m - 1USD +4 Kaho Custome Duneyrr Helm 1x Celebration Ring Mid Head Gear +1str BK +5 Valkryja Shield Tharafrog +7 Diablo Manteau Raydric +5 Diablo Boots Green...
  21. Buying  Buying zenny TalonRO 3m/USD

    Trying to buy zenny worth $100 for 3m/USD just private message me here
  22. BOUGHT  Buying TalonRO zeny with 2,5m/usd

    Need 1B TalonRO zeny
  23. SOLD  S> TalonRo Zeny @ 2.5m per 1$

    Hello again, I am back selling TalonRo Zeny at a rate of 2.5m Zeny per 1$. It is also possible for me to convert the desired Zeny amount in TC if you prefer so. In that case, I count 1 TC as 1m Zeny. Will only sell small amounts for first-time customers to gain a base of trust. Also, I highly...
  24. BOUGHT  Buying TalonRO zeny.

    Require 250m-300m zeny. Please pm offer.
  25. B>TalonRo Zeny

    I looking for zeny in TalonRO PM me or add me on Discord JR.Smile#6209