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  1. Selling  (Sea-Phantasia) 34k cs Lvl 66 Nemesis + Summer outfit set | 50$ Nego

    Log in with email, I give email information Very Lucky account 4 SSR from black nucleus and 1 from WB Account Info : Lvl : 66 14 SSR + 3 New CS : 34612 SSR Character : - Nemesis - King *2 + 1 - Samir *1 - Cocoritter *1 - Meryl *1 + 1 New - Tsubasa + 1 New - Crow - Shiro -Zero Black gold : 201...
  2. EU Espoir IV Account Lvl 61 3* Crow 2* King 1* Nemesis 1* Samir many more

    Hello! Today I have an account for sale that I've been playing on since the game was released Globally, it's on the server Espoir IV, I've spent around 80$ on it and did the daily things nearly everyday. From the major info It's a Female character, Lvl 61, story quests fully done (only except...
  3. SOLD  Global Asia 17k Pyrox With 4 Limited 4,5k Eligma

    Log nexon with dummy email 17k Pyroxene 4,5k Eligma Limited character: S.Hina, S.Izumi, NY.Mutsuki, NY. Aru Price : $25 Payment Paypal F&F, Local Bank (Indonesia) Wanna use Trade Guardian? buyer pays fee Contact me at discord for fast respond: RabbitNoise#1826
  4. Selling  (SA) 4C Samir | 2C King | 1C Nemesis | Summer unique items unlocked | 30K+ FC

    Hello everyone, i'm selling my tower of fantasy account because i don't have time for play ToF and it's better to sell it than leave it with no activity. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information 4* SAMIR // 2* KING // 1* Nemesis // 2* Coco...
  5. Selling  [ SEA - Chandra ] 40$ lv 49 Nemesis + Summer Event + 6ssr ex dupe

    Montly Suplply 25 days on picture [SEA-Chandra] Mid lv 42 Nemesis + Samir *1 + Shiro *1 + Cocoritter *1 +Crow *1 + Tsubasa *1 + Zero 4 SSR Matrix : Nemesis, Samir, Crow, Cocoritter 1255 Black Crystal Pity Gold : 0/80 Red : 50/80 + 5 red nucleus Facebook : Facebook Discord : Alteria#5959...
  6. Trading  WANT TO TRADE - accepting offers

    Hello i would like to trade my fgo account, its has pretty good SSR and multiples copy of each it and have alot materials and alot event/ticket to farm im accepting offers of any kind: DISCORD: Aoko supremacy#4483
  7. Selling  summer dinavia, eikthyrnir and v2 verosa for only 7 usd!

    COMES WITH: a few collab heroes, 400 extra red pots, plenty of extra hero quests (one star heroes can be obtained from mana summon) and 30 extra story chapters!! discord: galzone#0137
  8. Selling  2 summer volfa accounts, $2 each

    both accounts just have summer volfa and they're starter's pm for more info
  9. SOLD  [EUC] Thirain server! 1430 main & 2x 1400 alts n more. 115 roster

    Greetings fellow Epicnpc:ers! Ive reached a point where im lacking time for the game and therefore i desided to sell it while its still decently attractive! I mained with my pala and cleared some valtans with eaz... litteraly! He is also viakiss/vykas ready! Played up some DPS classes as i...
  10. Buying  account w summer volfa OR dinavia

    starter? will pay 8-12 usd mid? will pay 20-40 endgame? trade or 80-100. send pics and contact on discord galzone#0137
  11. Selling  Stacked Early Game W/ 375K Gems W/Beelzebub & Belial Maxed 145 Gold Moons!!

    Hi, all. (Only asking for $150) Here's an early game account Rank 125 (I only have 1 for sale) with crazy amounts of resources. Beelzebub, Belial, and HalMal Summons don't need any more dupes - very rare. Summer Campaign Starts soon with the best banner for limited summer units near the end of...
  12. SOLD  Fgo NA 21SSR (3sup) w/NP

    QUICK SELL FGO NA END GAME 21 SSR WNP (SSR List) Castoria ❤️ Astolfo Saber Arthuria Original Gilgamesh Romulus Bradamante Scathath DaVinci Loli Tamamo Caster NP2 Waver Kama GodJuna NP2 Minamoto Raikou Kingprotea Okita Alter Kiara Kiara Summer Voyager Yang Guifei LF SOLD
  13. SOLD  WTS an account with 16 SSR , 3 limited out of 16 , lvl 60 account .

    price is negotiable , drop me a message on either discord or here . 16 SSR and 2 summer from past event , 1 summer from current summer event and 1 seaside memories ( any 1 summer limited-character of your choice ) discord ShadowBringer#0189 Erolabs account
  14. Selling  Global End Game Level 74+ Meta Account, 58k+ pyros w/ limited summer

    Hello I'm selling a meta account where I aimed for most useful units. Asking for 220 obo. Buyer pays for middle man. Attached to a throwaway email account. Please reach me at CTriggered#2112 on discord if you are interested or have more questions.
  15. Selling  [EU] (20$) LVL16 | 1 Summer 1 Star 2 Valentine 1 Epic + 15 Skins | 75% Winrate

    Hello! I'm selling my Mobile Legends Account Initial price: 20$ (negociable) Payment method: Paypal (F&F) or Crypto DM ON DISCORD aight#9997 or via EpicNPC Chat AUTO-BUY: Click here! (Paypal Only) /!\ Account is a Moonton email verified account, I will give you the Moonton account id...
  16. SOLD  [80$]Roy, Lougseus, STheria, SMillim, SAlice, 2B, 2 Ur, Wap midgame acc

    ✅ GLOBAL server ✅Acc name is customizable ✅Password is changeable 🎮Works on both iOS and Android devices! Also on the Steam client🎮 💲Method of payment is PayPal Middleman is accepted (buyer must cover the fee)💲 ❔️ If you want to know more about the account, contact me through EpicNPC or Discord...
  17. SOLD  Full limited summer

    Sell BA EN Level 42 Story ch 5 Eligma ready 950 Pyro 8k for now Login nexon The account will continue to be played until it is sold If interested please contact me on Discord Rabba#3091 Or chat me
  18. SOLD  [160$] All AoT units,srimuru Lougseus stheria Sera smeredy salice, paids+ more

    ✅ GLOBAL server ✅Acc name is customizable ✅Password is changeable 🎮Works on both iOS and Android devices! Also on the Steam client🎮 💲Method of payment is PayPal Middleman is accepted (buyer must cover the fee)💲 ❔️ If you want to know more about the account, contact me through EpicNPC or Discord...
  19. BOUGHT  [EN] Arknight Chen Alter with Potential 6

    Yo, I am looking for an account with Chen Alter Pot. Doesn't matter if its a new account or veteran. As long as it got Chen Alter with Potential. My main account ran out of luck. Please send me screenshot and your price. Account server : Global Payment : Paypal. Thank you.
  20. SOLD  [85$]Roy+Ed+Lougseus+Theria+A2+2B, Automail Mechanic and many more!

    Endgame fantasy. The best limited time collab and Descent of Heroes units you'd want, like Roy, Lougseus and Theria. What else you'd want? And a ton more limited items! $85 ✅ Original Owner ✅ Changeable name ✅ Changeable password Units - Limited - Collabs and Descent of Heroes - All units and...
  21. Buying  [JP] Swimsuit/Summer Account

    Yo! Looking for cheap JP account with swimsuit/summer unit just to mess around. Payment : Paypal Please post your account details & price offer. Thank you.
  22. SOLD  [90$]Fma, Nier, Shida, Lougseus, Theria, SAlice + 5 URs and Wap! Top tier acc

    ENDGAME! The most meta units, plus the best collab units and arks. Also, a ton more limited items! Also has BOOBA if you're into it :LOL:. 90$ (negotiable) ✅ Changeable name ✅ Changeable password Units - Many of these units are already max lvl, max enhanced and full ability board unlocked so...
  23. SOLD  End game account All Limited Characters + Spark (24k Gems)

    The account is at lvl 73 with various resource, characters are farmed and mostly at lvl 70. Iori is also obtainable at this point. Looking for 80$.
  24. Selling  Global Starter (8 Ssr) Cecily+Megumin+Wiz+Lia+Rin summer+Rin+Melissa+Aqua 15$

    #Fresh Acc not linked #Only tutorial #2 Units exclusive Summer Banner #Cecily + Megumin + Wiz + Lia + Rin summer + Rin + Melissa +Aqua #PM me #Only Paypal #15$
  25. Buying  BBADW Accounts with Summer Characters (DM offers)

    Looking for an Account with these 3 (technically 2) Summer units. Some Ability Cards in the same theme would not hurt either. Just DM me offers, thank you :)