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specimen sez

  1. D

    SOLD  Epic Seven Account w/ Dizzy + 60 Costume Tickets

    my friend code is #506228836
  2. Desire_Ink

    SOLD  🔥[Global] Midgame Ml Krau Ml Sez Ml Chloe + 6Ml4* + 10Nat5*

    Server: Global Important Note: I am not reseller, I do not trade (exchanging). All accounts that I sell are my own. I never made any purchase on my accounts, so all possible packs are available and non legit actions excluded. Payments via PayPal Only Nickname Changeable. Account linked to...
  3. M

    SOLD  Ml ken, spez account with Diene, Luna, and H Yulfphine limited

    I'm selling this for $50 due to all the skystones, mats, and gold. Account is linked via dummy gmail, its verified. Discord:Lord_Vermire#9338
  4. J

    SOLD  Cheap Early Game Account, Spez, ssb, Luna, dizzy, baiken, sol, Czera, 8k stone

    25$ Negotiable Add me on Discord for more info Yuube#4047
  5. V

    SOLD  I will exchange 4ML characters and SSB for a good offer

    Change my account to yours.Discord- VoirIsHere#2317 You must have at least 2+ of the crossed out characters: Fallen Cecilia, Arbiter Vildred, Apocalypse Ravi, Ml Ken.Your account must be global.
  6. M

    Selling  Ml ken/ Spez Acc with Luna and Diene

    Asking for $70. message me on discord to negotiate price. Discord: Lord_Vermire#9338
  7. L

    SOLD  Global Endgame E7 account with 4ML 5, All Limited except Luna

    ML 5: Specter Tenebria, Arby, Spez, DJ Basar Limited: Full GG Collab, Diene, Cerise (Missing Luna) Arena Challenger 5, Can reach higher if played more frequently Message me on Epic and we can negotiate the price
  8. O

    SOLD  Global faithless lidica, ml aramintha, ml sez + Name Change! PRICE Drop

    Contact me on Discord: Doodoo#5313 $100 Account Details: Moonlight x3 - Faithless Lidica - Silver Blade Aramintha - Specimen Sez Nat5* - Dizzy - Elphelt - Baiken - Sol - Diene - Luna - Kawerik - Ken - Sez - Vivian - Sigret - Bellona - Charles - Baal & Sezan - Ravi ML 4* - Sinful Angelica! -...
  9. M

    SOLD  Arby,D Corvus, Spez, Ml ravi, J kise Maid Chloe account.

    Asking for $150 OBO. Account also has Dizzy, SSB, and Diene. If you want more screen shots and you're interested. Message my Discord: Vermire#9338
  10. M

    Selling  Ml ken, Spez account

    Asking for $65Price Negotiable) . Account also has Sol. If you want more screen shots and you're interested. Message my Discord: Vermire#9338
  11. R

    SOLD  150$ Cheap Global ML 5x NAT5 all Limited only diene Missing

    Selling My global Account because i don’t have The time to Play the Game anymore .Dummy Linked add me on discord if u got questions .My discord RomanK#5529 150$ (Ml baal was traded for ml ken)
  12. R

    SOLD  Global Beast Account 5 Ml NAT 5 good chars

    Selling My Epic 7 account because i got Tired of the Game everything cleared can Auto Almost everything only hell raid is a Bit Hard.And im 15 away from pity mystic summons .Add me on discord for Infos and Stuff buyout is 250$ NEGOTIABLE.my discord RomanK#5529 (Ml baal was traded ) Its Dummy...
  13. SunnyTiTi

    Selling  [Europe] Accounts starter 4 waifu & 2 ML 60$

    Account 1:[sold] Ravi, Kise, Seaside Bellona, Cermia x2, Krau, Kayron x2 Moonlight hero: Watcher Schuri, Crescent Moon Rin, Blaze Dingo, Challenger Dominiel & Shadow Rose Unlink account. Had name Price 15$ Account 2: [sold] Seaside Bellona, Luluca, Ken, Angelica, Vivian, Kayron, Tenebria...
  14. H

    Selling  ENDGAME Global 21 5* 280k CP / linked / can't change name 160$

    I'm selling my global because i don't play anymore : AUTO WW11 100% NAT 5 : NAT 4 : 6* : Destina+3, ML Cecilia x2 +8, Diene+5, Violet+8, Chloé +6, Iseria+9, Vildred+5, Ml Dominiel+13, Ml Cidd+6, Angelica+6, Commander Lorina+3, Falconer Kluri+6 Other : Rank65, Best Team have 280k CP, 5*...
  15. A

    Selling  Selling cheap MLs starter account!

    Selling an account with: Specimen Sez, Challenger Dominial, Fighter Maya, Watcher Schuri, Champion Zerato, Haste, Vildred, Baal and Sezan, Deastina Starter account. Adventure progress 10-10 Just for 45$ Contact me on discord: Tfios#8640
  16. SunnyTiTi

    Selling  [Europe] Ml Ravi Ml Sez Seaside Bellona & Tamarinne only 130$

    Hi guys, today I will sell account with 2 Ml 5* Apocalypse Ravi & Specimen Sez. Let's see what in account: Nat 5* Apocalypse Ravi Specimenz Sez Bellona 6* +6 Seaside Bellona +4 Tamarinne Sigret Aramintha Nat 4* Shadow Rose Karin Dominiel Schuri & some hero 4* also 3 black phantasma Nat 3*...
  17. Hummingbird11

    SOLD  Judge Kise+Specimen Sez $100

    Global Server Judge Kise + Specimen Sez Dizzy|Baiken|Tamarinne NEED MORE INFO PM ME ON MY DISCORD AT Hummingbird#0812
  18. Hummingbird11

    SOLD  END GAME DUO ML 5* $200

    Asia Server ML RUELE + ML SEZ Luna|Diene|Dizzy|Baiken Shadow Rose+BBKarin+BlazeDingo+ShootingStarAchates+W.Silk 15 6* units Pvp Ready Clears Hell Raid easily Lots of Resources with 85 Leifs for grinding. NEED MORE INFO PM ME ON MY DISCORD AT Hummingbird#0812