soccer spirits

  1. Buying  Whale endgame universe account

    Looking for whale endgame universe account must have pretty much everything 40+ luqs. And paid skins. Looking for rush and cheap since the game is dead. Contact me here or in my discord. My discord is Grid#1986
  2. SOLD  70$ endgame Global acc lvl. 123, All Legend GGG 32k dual team

    Selling my account lvl 123 Global server 12 LUQS, 100+ UQS, lot of resources to make more LUQS, 270+ tickets draw, Got limited skin duran of possibility, and many SR skins Dual light-dark team GGG 32k Mono light GGG 31k Dual light-wind GGG 31k 5k crystals Upgraded suits Easy PVE Only for...
  3. Selling  Global Server Soccer Spirits Acct with 22 Legendaries!

    Hello! selling rank 80 soccer spirits acct that i would say is between mid/endgame lvl? needs to be housed to a more active player! images will show current resources available! currently asking for 60.00 OBO! paypal only! preferred contact here but discord is ohitsfern!#4606 images here!
  4. SOLD  Rush cheap 40$ Endgame universe acc w paid skins

    Selling this cheap Has lots of skins, including paid ones ans limited skins Almost every legend and sr in the game 18 luqs can create 4 more. Invested units almost all thunder max, light units GGG team. Can reach 33k A lot of tickets Crystals for change name and stuffs Can achieve top 30pvp...
  5. SOLD  Rush 250$ mega whale acc rank 165, 52Luq,45legs,max sr and legs,21live skin

    Selling mega whale account Universe server Almost all unit max sr and legends 33k GGG W 21 live skin and a lot of paid skins 52 legendary stones 45 legends 100+ cores left. Can create 3more luqs Can clear everything and reach top 30 easily. This account is like sandbox mode. You can create any...
  6. SOLD  🔥Very Endgame Whale Global Account Rank 189🔥

    The REAL Whale account is here💯 - Account have many paid skins - Easy top 30 global (shown in picture) - Tons of resources (shown in picture) - Over 1 billion gold👀 - Over 40k crystal👀 - All legends acquired🔥 - Over 40 LUQ👀 - Over 6k Legend Spiral😍 - Manager slots all unlocked - Full suit...
  7. Selling  Mid account Universe 20 L - 3 LUQS

    Account is currently Light Thunder. IOU + LoN on Stern SC + Door on Tiffon Wc + Agni on Uranus 12 UQ. Discord : kaga#5213
  8. SOLD  [GLOBAL] high end | all legends | 299 sr | 45 luq's | 392 uq's

    I have no motivation anymore to play Had 3 paid managers Had 6 Paid Skins ( 5 Paid Skins ) Almost All SR are SuperBoosted Legends are well invested many resources More Pics? Contact Me Price: 400$ Negotiable But No Low Balls Trade Guardian is available but buyer must pay the fees Contact...
  9. SOLD  Soccer spirits Endgame Universe Account CHEAP🔥

    Feel free to offer me! Universe endgame account! PM me for more info! 36 Legends🔥 19 Legend stones❤🔥 Pictures in link below: Discord me at: En#3914
  10. Endgame with many Legends and LUQs. Must have a good Hive userlogin

    As the title said looking for endgame SS acct any server with a lot of Legends and Luqs. Also must have a good Hive userlogin. Please add Eis#8960 if u have one! Thanks
  11. SOLD  End game, global server account, all Legends

    So I want to sell my account because: I don't have enough time to play anymore because of my job And i need money urgently So the pvp team is able to reach galaxy league easily, Never tried to get to universe league cuz no additional reward by doing so, lol Also account have enough custom...
  12. Trade epic E7

    Looking to switch for epic E7 account. 20 legends for information contact by discord: theferk # 6947
  13. BOUGHT  Endgame global or universe account. Must have 25+ legends players

    Just as the title say. Looking for mid to end game account. The more legend players the better. Discord ihighonrice#2468
  14. Selling  Universe Server Midgame account 7 legends, 2 LUQs

    Legends are Presty, Serestia, Khirel, Uranus, Queen, Choi, Dalgi and Jin price negotiable message me on discord for more details. N D#4243 (with the space)
  15. Selling  [GLOBAL] selling lvl 134,28 legends,9 luq,27 uq,454 ds,26K TA rainbow team

    Too occupied with life and work Main Team: Mono Dark, Rainbow With Thor ACE Legends: 28, missing Kirna,Abraxas,William,Ein,Exis,Uranus, Dalgi, Ali, Angelic and Lif Legend Unique stones: 9 (PvP) Unique stones: 27UQ Dimension stones: 454 DS Gold: 15m++ Crystals: 51 crystals GP: 15K other...
  16. SOLD  Soccer Spirits Lvl57 16k Account 4 Legendary - Global Server $15

    Selling Soccer Spirits Account with 4 Legendary. Account will be transfer via Hive. Account is unverified. So you can verify to your own email. Selling for $18, Price is in USD, Payment via Paypal only. If interested Inbox me or add me at discord: AzuraDevil#7229 Account Lvl57, Name is...
  17. 3 Global server accounts with 27k+ TA

    Deciding to move into another game so me and my friends are looking to sell our account with reasonable price. *28k+ TA mono thunder with 24 legends and 14 luqs. Fully invested for PVP and PVE. *27k+ TA mono ww with 27 legs and 18 luqs. Fully invested for PVP and PVE. *27k+ TA rainbow with 25...
  18. Selling  Global server lv123 account (LIGHT+WW)

    Server: Global IGN: UCUUD Number of legend: 17 Number of luq: 10 (Can craft 2 more if needed) Cot cleared: 50 (ALL) Cod cleared: 58 Coi cleared: 71 (1800 crystal) Remarks: L2D skin: KIRNA (Relaxing bath) Unique skin: Raphaela (holiday) and Uranus (Messenger of the blue) List of LUQ...
  19. Soccer Spirits ACCT (3 Legendaries and 12 Unique Stone)

    Selling my soccer spirits account. DM me for offers.
  20. [Global Server] - 16 Legends, 7 Legendary (paid) skins, 51UQ, 2LUQ

    The 7th legendary skin I have is for Kirna. I dont have her though. 6 Star Gatekeepers - 3 Beelz, 2 Litre, 1 Kuma 5 Star Litre x4, 3 Star x24 3 Star Beelz x13 7,100GP 5mill Gold Price is negotiable. Discord: Taenacious #3867
  21. SOLD  [Global] WTS end game account 28k TA, 30 legend, 21 LUQ - $250 negotiable

    Refer to: For more info, PM at discord: Deen#0580 ED: Price $200 paypal, negotiable
  22. SOLD  Global 31 legends / 29 luqs / rank 163 $200-250

    Hello, I'm looking towards selling my soccer spirits account details below. Imgur link with screenshots - . Contains 31 legends - 30 mspu / william uninvested / missing felix, beth, presty, exis. Has 90+ 5* mspu players with several 30 apu. Contains 29 legendary unique stones with a mix of...
  23. SOLD  Rank 132, 16 Legendaries, 3 Legendary Skins, 3 LUQ Global Account [LF paypal]

    Hello. Looking to sell this Global Account. The legendaries are - Presty, Jiho(Skin), Askeladd, Aiolos, Bell, Metatron(Skin), Queen, Vonchi, Choi, Jibril(Skin), Miri, Ashe, Beth, Leventor, Duke - Pics of all units Unluckily I messed up the crafting on one LUQ :') - Pics 7x 6* Beelzebub, 2x...