secondlife account

  1. Selling 2016 Female Account

    Avatar year 2016 No payment info Email can chance: yes Password can change: yes Country can change: yes ------------------------------------ Body: Classic Meshbody Heads: Catwa HD Pro Queen ------------------------------------ I'm the original owner 2000 Lindens or 15 USD Paypal Screenshots
  2. Secondlife | From 2011 | Old is Gold |Email And Pw

    ✅10 Years✅ ✅Old is Gold✅ ✅New Outfits✅ ✅Large and good stock✅ ✅Full info✅ ✅Email can Change : YES✅ ✅Password Can Change : YES✅ ✅Country Can Change : YES✅ On Fire To communicate with me ✅Available at any time on epicnpc messages✅ Discord : Trogan#1872
  3. SecondLife | From 2008 | Old is Gold | So Rare | Gold

    ✅Old is Gold✅ ✅New Outfits✅ ✅Large and good stock✅ ✅Full info✅ ✅Email can Change : YES✅ ✅Password Can Change : YES✅ ✅Country Can Change : YES✅ On Fire The price: 10$ To communicate with me ✅Available at any time on epicnpc messages✅ Discord : Trogan#1872
  4. Secondlife | From 2012 | Old is Gold | So Rare | Gold

    ✅Old is Gold✅ ✅New Outfits✅ ✅Large and good stock✅ ✅Full info✅ ✅Email can Change : YES✅ ✅Password Can Change : YES✅ ✅Country Can Change : YES✅ On Fire the price: 3$ To communicate with me ✅Available at any time on epicnpc messages✅ Discord : Trogan#1872
  5. Selling  Selling 7years second life account with legacy name NO RESIDENT

    Hi, i'm selling my avatar because i leave the game. Body : Legacy Feminine & Ebody Reborn Head : Lelutka Avalon - Halle - Kaya You can use it for Blogging because has a flickr account with 2k followers and professional pictures
  6. SOLD  Second Life Female Legacy Account (2009)

    Female account registered in 2009 12-year-old female legacy account The first name is Tamara This account hasn't been used since its registration It has only been upgraded to MESH recently LeLutka EvoX Head (Briannon) / Legacy Body (Feminine) Comes with a Custom Shape It has not been sold /...
  7. Selling  [SL] Selling 11 years old legacy account

    I'm seeling a 11 years old legacy account, his frist name is Yury so can be used both from females or males. I'm selling it with empty inventory, was created to be used at first but for lack of time was never played. Good for a starting new. No issue, no ban, no payment info used, it's totally...
  8. SOLD  CREATOR Legacy Male Account.

    😎 Yes, I have one last big/lowkey creator account I've put TONS of work into for the past 4 years. Yes, I have original info, hes 10+ years, 1st name is a single number, last name is four letters. (Legacy name original! ✧ ) ::::::::::::::MUST HAVE PHOTOSHOP SKILLS OR SOME CREATOR SKILLS...
  9. Best Looking SecondLife Male Account for Sale

    This account is about 2 years old. Has tons of clothes, furtniture, fatpacks, hairs, accessories, poses, facial hair and much more on there. You have the Signature and Belleza body as well, whatever you prefer. Also a few thousand lindens leftover from when I used to play. Your own custom face...
  10. SOLD  2 Year old Male Creator account with legacy name. "H."

    First name is one letter alone, his last name is one of the paid for legacy names. I am original owner and can provide original information etc. I created him to create a skin market, hes also a landscaper. Belleza Jake Body Signature Gianni Body Catwa Daniel Head Catwa Gac Head Faresse Mesh...
  11. (SOLD) Selling Legacy Account (SOLD)

    Selling old Legacy account. 13 years 5 months. Last name Baroque. Female avatar, but could easily be made into male as the first name is not gendered. Nonmesh avatar, needs to be updated. Mostly empty inventory. $55.00 USD. (firm) Will take Cash app or Lindens.
  12. SOLD  14 year old 2007 Account with Mesh body and head 50$L weekly Stipend

    50,000 L$ OBO.
  13. SOLD  Female Account 56 USD Paypal

    Hi! I'm selling a female account! she has 3 years and four months old. She has a Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, Catwa Sofia Bento Head and more (Boataom, Altamura...), has a variety of different skins including some premium (Revoul, Egozy, Lumae) Her clothes are mostly from Scandalize, she has some...
  14. Selling  7 + 8 yr + 9 yr

    Selling two female accounts They start with the names Becca- 8 yr 11m $40 HoneySun- 8 yrs $35- has a horse avatar Selling 1 male account Yabusaka- 7yr $25 - has tinytot avatar , and a dog avatar, and sweet baby gadgets email: [email protected] Accepting All payment options preferred...
  15. SOLD  Fully Meshed Female Updated AVI ( Selling Cheap, Undervalue)[email protected]/page3 Selling for $90 or Highest Bidder 19k Inv Most Expensive Asset: Mansion Worth 10,000 L Multiple Homes Hundreds of BRAND 400L Single Piece Clothing ( I was a huuge shopahollic and lost count) EX: Rowne Which is the equivallent to Versace Mesh...
  16. SOLD  Secondlife Account

    Hello! I am selling my secondlife account for cheap since I no longer wish to have this account. I've spent hundreds on apparel for this game so there are tons of items including LAQ bento head, 2 Catwa heads, and maitreya body. My name has no numbers but is not a rare name. I want this...
  17. Fully Bento Avatar For Sale.

    Full Bento Avatar - Payment Info Used - Genus Baby Face Bento - Slink Bento Body hands and feet - Bento Ao Hardly ever used is 1 month old. Probably not worth much, but i will trade it for a Female Legacy Name Avatar that has nothing on it. or i can sell for L$12,000 Pictures will be added to...
  18. SOLD  Male Avatar with Aesthetic Body

    I'm selling a male avatar, for just L$ 4K. With Aesthetic body with Aeros penis. Also has a female mesh head. Inventory includes: 1. Niramyth Aeshtetic body 2. Aeros Magnus penis 3. Mama Allpa 4. Deciduan 5. Mesh Hair 6. Mesh Outfit 7. Mesh Boots 8. Mayreal Stella Mesh Head (Female...
  19. SOLD  FEMALE -Legacy Name - Bento Account w/ Photos :)

    Last Name: Gray Secondlife Birth Year: 2006 Account Can be Unisex but I have made it female. Registration Information Or Security Questions: Do not have!!!! No Bans, Friends or Groups Inventory: -Catwa Lona Head -Maitreya Body -Clothes From Blueberry and other places Asking: 15,000 L or...
  20. Selling 4 year old female avi with all mesh!

    Hi! I'm selling my 4 year old and 10 months avi. It has: -Catwa head -Slink hourglass body -Vaw nipples -Slink hourglass high feet -Slink hourglass hands -Tons of clothing items -Multiple skins I'm selling for no less than 11k lindens. I'm willing to meet inworld so you can see the stuff :)...
  21. SOLD  Selling empty almost 6 Years old Female Account/Avatar

    Name's 7ilith (Lilith), 6 Years old (5th April 2013 ) Shes Empty, No Friends, No Groups Only Lindens, no Paypal, 1100L$
  22. Updated avi account

    I have a female account that i started in 2015. Ive spent over 2k usd money on this account. Its updated with the latest things, and has tons of gachs, houses, furnitures, skins, 2 different bento heads, hairs, and clothing. Im looking for $600usd for it. Includes adult items as well.
  23. Selling  Selling three legacy name accounts + resident bento account!

    Account Information; Purchase Inquiry: I am interested in L$ Only! ***SOLD*** -Iris -Has Never Been used -No Friends or Inventory -No Bans or Problems with LL -No Registration Info -8,000 L (As it is 2006) **SOLD** -Fox DOB [8/15/08] -Has Never Been used -No Friends or Inventory -No Bans or...
  24. Secondlife Account For SELL

    I will be selling a TD unisex secondlife account. The account is able to own a marketplace and is 3 years old. I've spent about $60 on the account, so I will be selling it for $30. (Price is negotiable if you can't afford $30). If you are interested email me at ([email protected]).
  25. Selling  Selling 3 Male Avatars, One is a little

    Three male Avis for sale. REMOVED - A basic Second Life avatar. Was made for a store but never got used. (Born 10/18/2017 - 7 Months Old; 219 Days) Price - 2k REMOVED - Male Adult Avatar that is set up. Mesh body and all. Some clothes and a Human Bloodlines HUD. (Born 10/25/2015 - 2 years 7...