second life accounts

  1. SOLD  Male Account 9 Month - Legacy Body & LeLutka Head 50USD Nego

    Male Avatar 9 months old. Never have an issue with LL. No Payment info What does he has are, Legacy Classic Mesh Body without Advanced Material Editor Lelutka Logan Head and Lelutka Kaya Head Hugies P*nis - Customable Earings & Rings AO - Vista Animations Hair and Some Hairbase Many Outfit...
  2. SecondLife | From 2014 | 7 Years | Old | good stock | So Rare

    ✅Old is Gold✅ ✅7 Years and 7 months✅ ✅Outfits✅ ✅Large and good stock✅ ✅Full info✅ ✅Email can Change : YES✅ ✅Password Can Change : YES✅ ✅Country Can Change : YES✅ On Fire To communicate with me ✅Available at any time on epicnpc messages✅ Discord : Trogan#1872
  3. Secondlife | From 2010 | Old is Gold | So Rare | Gold

    ✅Old is Gold✅ ✅New Outfits✅ ✅Large and good stock✅ ✅Full info✅ ✅Email can Change : YES✅ ✅Password Can Change : YES✅ ✅Country Can Change : YES✅ The price: 10$ To communicate with me ✅Available at any time on epicnpc messages✅ Discord : Trogan#1872
  4. 13-year-old Pretty Female Account with Last Name

    Female account registered in 2008 12-year-old female legacy account First Name is Cindy This account hasn't been used since its registration It has only been upgraded to MESH recently LeL EvoX Head (Briannon) / Legacy Body (Feminine) Comes with Custom Shapes It has not been sold / traded before...
  5. 10+ years old SL accounts (preferably female)

    I'm looking for 10+ years old Second Life accounts Your accounts should meet the following criteria: * Legacy accounts with a last name. No accounts with a "resident" last name please. * No payment info on file. * Unused accounts or inactive accounts for many years. * Clean history with no...
  6. Selling mesh account for $35

    Add me on Discord for more info: aly#6660 OR message me in world: avmxc Account Includes: Maitreya M4 Anime head M4/maitreya skin appliers Handful of clothes and hairs that include brands such as Sweet Thing, Moon Elixir, Ayashi, Limerence etc. Username is RinaTennoji Age is 1 year and 4 months.
  7. Legacy Cheap 10 Yr + More Accounts $40-$10 USD

    Reason for selling : I have a dangerous shopping addiction lol Why so many accounts?: When i was younger, i was obsessed with SL, i would often forget my passwords and make new accounts lol. ( i was really young and had no concept of emails ) These are all 100% my accounts , nobody has ever had...
  8. Selling  2009 female Legacy Account, clean 40 USD

    I want to sell a female Legacy Account with the first name Tanara for 40 USD No issues with Linden Lab or other residents. 40 USD for clean account via PayPal
  9. SOLD  secondlife Male 2007 account clean inventory and friends/no ban/ security

    2007 Male account with clean inventory and security question $45 USD via paypal
  10. SOLD  Fully Meshed Female Updated AVI ( Selling Cheap, Undervalue)[email protected]/page3 Selling for $90 or Highest Bidder 19k Inv Most Expensive Asset: Mansion Worth 10,000 L Multiple Homes Hundreds of BRAND 400L Single Piece Clothing ( I was a huuge shopahollic and lost count) EX: Rowne Which is the equivallent to Versace Mesh...
  11. SOLD  8 Year Old Cheap ACC + More Accounts,Clean History

    Hi! A couple years ago i had a huuuge SL addiction i occupied the habit of making ALTS and discovered a while back that you can sell them :) So with my SL addiction long gone, why not? Here are the accounts i am selling Becca: 8 Years and 5 months - $ 60 Havnt interacted with anybody in 6...
  12. SOLD  A one month old female account for sale, very beautiful and cheap

    A one-month-old female account for sale, very beautiful and cheap - ebody curvy - genesis lab mesh head - many clothes - many hairs only for 6 $ via Paypal or 1800 lindens inworld
  13. SOLD  ! FULLY-LOADED male Account - belleza, sig, & aesthetic bodies, catwa head

    Hello buyers! I am no longer active on my Second Life account anymore. I put so much time and money into perfecting my male avatar and I hope whoever ends up with it enjoys it as much as I did! _________________ Notables: - An active shop that consistently sells my quality products weekly...
  14. Unisex Account for Sale

    The account has a gender neutral name. A total of 3 mesh bodies, two kid mesh bodies and one MALE adult mesh body. It comes with 3 AO's to choose from and 2 beautiful mesh heads. The account has a large amount of shapes, skins, hairs, eyes, and clothing to choose from. It also has a couple items...
  15. Selling Second Life accaounts

    I have few SL accaounts males females with surnames ,some is professional fixed with full inventory and marketplace,and some is just old avis with no inventory,if someone interested pls message me [email protected]
  16. Selling 2 second life legacy accounts (with last names)

    [SOLD] First account has a unisex name it is 8 years 4 months was made on 12/04/2009,this account doesn't have any mesh bodie's or heads but it does have a very nice name. I am asking 6500L for it. Second account has a unisex name is 7 years 9 months made on 08/03/2010 and also have a very nice...
  17. SOLD  I'm quitting sl so i'm selling three accounts male and female

    Hi, people. I'm done with second life so, I'm selling 3 accounts. 2 are female the other is male. I am asking $100 for the first female, $50 for the male, and $20 for the second female. If you have a second life account you can meet me there so that I can confirm its contents to you. Contact me...
  18. Looking to buy a Female Account W/ Catwa Head & Maitreya Body.

    I'm searching for a beautiful female account that consist of Catwa heads and Maitreya Mesh body with some clothing. I'm into fashion and landscaping as well. Account must be made in the united states. Offer Price: 20 USD Only Paypal Offer Email: [email protected] or Private Message Me...
  19. Selling  Selling a singular Second Life Account. That has both Male/Female avatars.

    Hello, I am selling my Second Life account, that has never been banned, nor reported. It contains both Female/Male avatars, that include Kemono,Furry,Human,Cyborg,Robotic, Anime,Child,Baby,Todleedoo, Video games etc. That is the price that I am selling my account for below. If you have any...
  20. Selling 7 year old SL accounts - Legacy Female names

    I am selling 6 SL accounts with legacy names. They are all female name. They are all 7-8 years old. Last names: Ohmai, Charisma, Carousel, Fairport, Starfall, and Seranade. Pricing: Negotiable. Payment method: Paypal or Linden dollars
  21. Selling  Selling SL Account 50k+ Linden Worth

  22. Selling  secondlife legacy accounts 2010 0ver 100

  23. Selling  secondlife legacy accounts 2010

    have over 90 secondlife legacy accounts. all are clean inventory except for a bloodlines hud.. asking 2K lindens for each. lots of unisex names:mad: all have rez days in 2010 Serious inquires only:eek: [email protected]
  24. Selling  Selling Two Female Old Accounts (2010/2009) Legacy

    Price: 2010 Account: $50 USD 2009 Account: $55 USD These have last name and a couple of items. I accept Lindens payment but I prefer Paypal payment. My email: [email protected]
  25. Selling  Second Life Legacy accounts 2008-2010

    SELLING... unisex name last names: Fiertze, Ragu Female name last names: Dezno, Demonista, Jules, Cybertar, Weezles, Khandr, Batista, Magic, Gothly between 5k - 7k lindens Will only reply by e-mail : [email protected]