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  1. K

    SOLD  ( OPBR ) 2 starter account with Kuma 5 Star

    WTS Starter OPBR account Account ( A ) : account Rank 14 Main : Wholecake sanji , Kuma , Reijuu . Negotiable Prices : $40 (USD) Solo mission Hard mode still untouched NB : Account name can be changed at 9 december Details Account ( B ) : Account rank 12 Main : Kuma , Doffy , sanji...
  2. N

    selling lv95 WCI sanji, has g4 luffy, NM luffy, jimbei and more

    a very good starter account, has a lot of potential, price for the account is £25, pm me for more information
  3. Z

    Selling  I can sell 3 accounts:Kizaru and sabo Ace and Doffy

    No.1 Lv100 Kizaru No.2No.3 contact me for offer price
  4. M

    Selling  Sanji&Judge Carrot v2 Katakuri v2g4 Global One Piece Treasure Cruise accounts

    Fresh LVL1 accounts with legends from last sugo events, ask on topic or PM for info or make your offers. Payment: PAYPAL ALL ACCOUNT ARE ON GLOBAL SERVER Below are the links to my accounts boxes, carefully organized for you guys. Sanji & Judge, The Parting between Father and Son Carrot, A...
  5. M

    Selling  G4/Nami Global Fresh Accounts - Sanji, Katakuri, Akainu V2, Shanks V2

    UPDATING EVERYDAY WHILE SUGO IS UP AND DAYS AFTER Global Multi legend fresh accounts, triple to deca legend accounts... Fresh LVL1 accounts with legends from last sugo events, ask on topic or PM for info or make your offers. Payment: PAYPAL | BITCOIN ALL ACCOUNT ARE ON GLOBAL SERVER Below...
  6. J

    25 Legend rank 290 high end account.

    Most legends are fully sockets and Max special. Most training forest cleared. Have most ships maxed. Most raid bosses are max special. TM mihawk is quadmax rainbow. Quests done until second part of Fishman Island. SERIOUS BUYERS Only. Scammers or attempt at scam will be reported. I spent so much...
  7. S

    Selling Plvl 319 over 100 gems all tm units and 17 legends

    Pls make fair offers you can pm me here or discord Susira#6486 Almost 150 gems now :cool:
  8. M

    Selling  Buy one 18 Leg and get one 18 leg for free

    Basically the biggest offer I can make : https://imgur.com/a/5XVf2 https://imgur.com/a/eL1t8 both accounts for the price of one PRICE IS 10$ right now - It's like a offer, the price is going constantly up. Dont be wondered
  9. Boon Moon

    Selling  Fresh Accounts with Sanji, Akainu, Kuzan, Megellan and other Legends.

    Selling fresh OPTC Jp Accounts 1. Akainu, Fujitora, Mihawk $13 2. Lucci, Boa, Buggy, Mihawk $13 3. Kuzan, Lucci, Psy Boa $10 4. Akainu, Mihawk $10 5. Megellan, Boa $7 6. Vinsmoke Sanji, Whitebeard $10 7. Lucci, Hody $8 Prices are negotiable. Pm me with offers!
  10. Wolfking08

    30 Legend Absolute Beast

    Selling Absolute endgame OpTC account. A lot of sweat, mostly gems ($$$) spent on this account. It has most of the games RR's, easily over 97% including many seasonal and secret recruits, including Old Log Luffy, which can never be pulled again! Story, Training forests all cleared. All boats...
  11. G

    Trading  Trade 18 legends account japan

    Trading Hi, i want trade my acc with 18legends, plvl 283 (Japan) the legends are: -Bartolomeo -Rob Lucci (6*+) -Whitebeard (6*+) -Sir Crocodile -Ace -Ussop (6*+) -Corazón -Doflamingo -Cavendish -Luffy Gear 4 -Sabo (6*+) -Shirahoshi -Buggy -Mihawk -Rayleigh (6*+) -Hody Jones -Sanji, Prince of...
  12. D

    Selling  Selling japan account with 5 legends

    The legends on this account include TS luffy, fuji, inthawk, Sanji, and catviper. It comes with the anniversary law and flying dutchmann for added exp grinding. PLvL is currently 161, has 325 box space, 105 gems on android phone Account has a fair number of RR units to go along with the...