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riven championship

  1. Selling  Riven 2012 533 diamond account

    Lol Account with riven 2012 533 skins, all ultimates and all event spirt blossom. Diamond 1 s11 The last print is the account acctualy. NA server.
  2. Selling  LoL Account Human Ryze, OG CS Riven, K-9 Nasus

    Haven't played in some time so its missing quite a a lot of champs. Has the Riot Fist Bump ward as well. The Valorant account has the CB items. Do PM onsite ONLY
  3. Selling  S1 Rare Account - Rivenchampionship 2012 - Victorious elise and more.

    Hello guys, i'm selling my main lol account since s1, loose the will to play the game and i'm focusing in irl stuff, have ultra rare skins and much more. •Riven championship 2012 •Victorious Elise •Victorious Morgana •Victorious Sivir •Victorious Maokai •Victorious Graves with chromas...
  4. [Levle 31] Unranked, 20 Heroes, 2016 Championship Riven

    I am selling my old account because I don't play it anymore and can do with a little extra money. The account starts at 150USD Amazon Gift Card Only.
  5. SOLD  NA - 92 Champions - 30 skins

    RP - 49 Blue Essence - 11093 Champions - 92 Skins- 30 Screens - https://imgur.com/a/yYn5nD7 Rank: Unranked PRICE - 45$ Accept only PayPal Skype - desoto132 Discord - Ultrakillgg#9295 FAKE SKYPE - live:desoto132 My skype - desoto132 Please be careful !!
  6. SOLD  Na - 65 champions - 26 skins - (gold 1) (cs riven original)

    RP - 51 Blue Essence - 2135 Champions - 65 Skins- 26 (Championship Riven ORIGINAL) Screens - https://imgur.com/a/GvxUL Current Rank: GOLD I Last Season: Platinum IV PENALTY TIME 20 MIN Price - 35$ Accept only PayPal Skype - desoto132
  7. Selling  Lvl 30 Unranked NA Accnt/ Champiuonship Riven and many more

    Im selling my League account. It is Unranked level 30. I have 123 champions unlocked with 167 Skins. I have various legacy and rare skins such as, Championship Riven, Championship Thresh, Victorious Elise, Pax Sivir, Magnificent Twisted Fate, Firefighter Tristana, Hextech Annie, Pulsefire...
  8. Selling  Championship Riven and More

    Account comes with Championship Riven, Championship Thresh, Riot Graves, Riot Kayle, Victorious Elise, Morgana and Sivir, Spirit Guard Udyr, Project Yi (with border), Project Zed, Kitty Cat Katerina, The Mighty Jax, Lunar Goddess Diana, Warring Kindom Tryndamere, Astronaut Teemo, Infernal Nasus...
  9. Selling  EUW Diamond 5 Account ( Diamond border,almost all champions,10 Runes pages and many Skins)

    EUW Diamond 5 Account ( Diamond border,almost all champions,10 Runes pages and many Skins) Im selling my EUW account : Ranked: since season 2 ( Bronze s2, Gold s3 , and diamond s4-s5-s6 ). Never banned or something. Champions: 128 ( I do not own Kindred and Aurelion Sol ). Skins: Around...
  10. BR ACC (OLD SEASON GOLD) 115 CHAMPS, 43 SKINS and RIVEN CHAMPIONSHIP and more than 5 legac

    BR ACC (OLD SEASON GOLD) 115 CHAMPS, 43 SKINS and RIVEN CHAMPIONSHIP and more than 5 legac Here is a video showing all skins, runes (14 pages) and summoner icons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KcdEESMyQ8 The link in description redirect you to auction. RARES, LEGACYS AND LIMITED SKINS...
  11. ★championship riven★cheap★the cat's shop★

  12. Selling  WTS Account with Championship Riven DIAMOND MMR (GOLD BORDER BECOUSE OF INACTIVITY)

    WTS Account with Championship Riven DIAMOND MMR (GOLD BORDER BECOUSE OF INACTIVITY) The account has diamond mmr despite the gold border, plat diamond games are probably, I will bring you the original email and the password when the purchase is done so it ensures you will keep the account and...
  13. Selling  200 Skins/ 15 Rune Pages/ All Champs/ CS Riven/ PAX Sivir!

    Looking for $450 So here im selling my own account. Here is a list of notable skins: CS Riven CS Thresh Riot Singed Riot Blitzcrank Victorious Janna/Elise/Morg/Sivir PAX Sivir Here is some just proof that its all on my account. And for the fellow supports out there <3
  14. Selling  Acc Plat 5 Triumphant Ryze and more.

    Hello, i want to sell my acc. Plat 5 3 page runes (Riven cdr. Ap. Adc) Riven 121.1k Vayne 74k Lee 42k Vayne (Arclight, Vindicator, Dragonslayer, Heartseeker, Aristocrat) Garen (Dreadknight) Riven (Battle Bunny, Crimson Elite) Tristana (Riot Girl Tristana, Rocket Girl Tristana) Nasus...
  15. Trading  Plat acc 32 skins for any championship riven

    Plat 5 lol acc 32 skins League of Legends Rank: Platinum League of legends account Hello everyone , today im looking to trade my loved league of legends account ( http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/43154889) to ANY eune/euwest account with championship riven Important information ...
  16. Selling  [NA] ■■┃■■■┃■■■ [ Diamond Cheap Shop ]■■■┃■■■┃■■ [CS RIVEN]

    [NA] ■■┃■■■┃■■■ [ Diamond Cheap Shop ]■■■┃■■■┃■■ [CS RIVEN] Hello, sir and ma'am. Cheapest Diamond shop came again. I have a smurf account. This one is Diamond 4 and it has championship riven and lots of skins(limited skins as well) You don't need to worry about anything. I already sold 8...
  17. Selling  Platinum Border Account : Riven Championship (135+skins) , 122skins : CHEAP

    Selling my LOL account, original owner got all the infos : 38games ranked restricted, 70 games chat restricted. Platinum border from last season, 135+ skins including Riven Championship, Zombie brand, Pulsefire Ezreal, Udyr Ultimate Skin and more ...